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Did alot of soul searching lately.....

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Sorry to hear about your pain Sgt. But remember that there is nothing wrong with you and to feel as you do is completely normal.

I have felt this way since my early teens. From the time when we learned about government and politics in high school I realized that there was no political party or government that represented me.

Don't feel the need to make an apology for how you feel or what you do.
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I honestly do not know where this is going to stop. It seems that all politicians are in it for themselves. At least the ones in power today. My affiliation has not always been GOP. When I was young and dumb, Clinton caught my eye, and since I hated Reagan (for personal reasons) and he (Clinton) spoke to the young generation, I voted Democrat. However, as I began to have a family and was told that oral is not sex and my kids could not watch the news, AND folks dying left and right (who knew the Clintons)and ball faced lies were told, and secrets GIVEN away, I shifted away from the dark side.

So, where are we and what options do we really have? Can a non-GOP or non-Dem win the presidency or other national public office? I kind of doubt it. Heck, maybe it's my thinking and people like me, that will always keep that from happening. You see, I cannot stop thinking about Ross Perot. Anyway, it seems the elected politicians have forgotten the people and that they are there to do a job and that job is for them to vote the way we tell them to. They are not elected by lobbyists, nor are they to vote independently of what they want! What is it going to take for things to come back around? Well, I feel we are almost there. The Tea Parties were the first step and the next step will be something in between that and our elected officials being drug out of office by the people who put them there.
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The problem is that we no longer have a two party system.

The majority of politicians today are left of true center.

The time has come to abandon both and I think we will soon start to see this "new" party emerge. I just wish it would hurry up and happen.

If it doesn't I think our next leader will be a returning Jewish carpenter!

I just hope we don't give him as much trouble as others have!


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I think that there are many, many folks who are fed up with "politics as usual". The Tea Parties were a start. I felt that although Tea Parties may have been focused on taxes and the bailouts, the undercurrent was disgust with the whole system and the usurpation of our rights. We may be reaching a tipping point.

Stay active, stay alert and be flexible. We live in interesting times.
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I have been a registered independent ever since I was 18. Imagine spending your entire high school and college undergrad years going against the tides of both party and political indoctrination. It's tough, but I feel more like a free man, than a slave tied down to some trivial two party and political philosophical system. In all honesty, it doesn't surprise me that more and more people are going that way today, and I hope the trend continues. Maybe then we as a nation, as a people can take our country back. Now, if I could only hope that my generation can get off this internet blogging, liberal crazed phase would the world be good.
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What happens when you know your candidate has no chance of winning?

If everyone that said that voted for someone other than Rebublicans or democraps we might not have this stupid mess we are in now.

Look at Ross Perot I think he would have made this country a much stonger in the long run. That is why I voted for him.

We as people must stop voting ford or chevy and bring in a toyota or honda. Because if Ford and chevy are not working then dump them. I think more people need to vote their heart and not Republican or democraps. If this happend you would see more people voting and the system would work much better.
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I am disgusted with all the "business as usual politics". Maybe going Independent is the answer, or maybe we just need to clean house in our party. I don't really know what the best solution is.

There will always be conflicts and disagreements, and there will always be corruption and scumbags on Capitol Hill.
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