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Benning Boy 07-29-2009 02:03 AM

The Death of Klaus
So here's the whole story.

I hatched a plot with J.D. to start a Q and A thread where he would answer questions in the style of The World's Most Interesting Man, of Dos Equis fame. He would answer things like money clip vs. wallet, how to pick up women, best grip material for 1911s that marry form and function.

It was to be called "The Continental."

So I decide to take today and do a hype thread. I was only going to do vague references to the character, and bump it most of the day, till his name was on everybody's lips.

I was to unveil the main thread tomorrow.But then Spittinfire happened.
Apparently SNL did a skit with Chris Walken called, you guessed it, The Continental. I won't do someone else's bit, even in name alone.

So I mowed the lawn and came up with my death, and the rise of Klaus. He was to be abrasive and elitist. But you guys seemed to like him more than me.

So I just eliminated Klaus.

I (Benning) am back. Deal with it.:mad:

cameronguyton 07-29-2009 02:08 AM

Chuck Norris could make you, Klaus, Christopher Walker, the Continental, and the Dos Equis guy all his b*tch. :eek:

Man do I enjoy drinking Dos Equis. mmmm.;) If you put a lime in it, you have just ruined a great beer!

markerdown 07-29-2009 02:21 AM

I knew it, you psycho. Your alter ego was too much like you. Plus yer lawn work wouldn't take you the rest of the summer unless you were gonna mow all of Kansas...................markerdown

c3shooter 07-29-2009 02:30 AM

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I'm schizophrenic,
and so am I. :rolleyes:

Now, quit skipping the meds, and you will feel much better.

skullcrusher 07-29-2009 02:37 AM

Wow, Benning. You fooled no one. :rolleyes:

Plenty of effort and funny....

Benning Boy 07-29-2009 02:42 AM

You know you weren't sure.

It didn't work for Garth Brooks, either. So I'm in good company.;)

markerdown 07-29-2009 02:45 AM

Your alter ego had the Deiter persona off the SNL Schprockets skit from the early '90s. I was waitin for the monkey to be introduced. The part about the vespas was funny........:D

IGETEVEN 07-29-2009 04:01 AM

Alas, I hardly knew him, he seems but a whisper on the wind, farewell, I bid thee farewell my friend. :(

Benning Boy 07-29-2009 04:10 AM


Originally Posted by IGETEVEN (Post 136189)
Alas, I hardly knew him, he seems but a whisper on the wind, farewell, I bid thee farewell my friend. :(

See what i mean? You guys did like Klaus best.:mad:

Benning Boy 07-29-2009 02:52 PM

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And Klaus is still getting positive response.

Klaus mocked everything American, and you guys dig Klaus.

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