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BeyondTheBox 03-20-2013 05:46 AM

Courthouse security
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So I live in a smaller County, not the smallest, but smaller, in Oregon. All the nearby counties have your typical courthouses with metal detectors and everyone has to pass through, even court employees. Then they wand ya, while 3 or 4 others stand by, apparently "just in case".

However my County has this...

Stupid app still doesn't work.

Okay I'll describe it instead. A single metal detector, unattended and an employee entrance, literally 3 feet to the left, door propped open. Lol

What's the point? I could've walked in with all kinds of guns and never been caught. Couldn't believe it. Absolutely hilarious!!!

Was actually really disappointed, had worn all of my holsters at once, empty, including knife sheaths, and was really looking forward to making my statement, silently... taking each one off and print it through a conveyor xray (which they also didn't have).

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BeyondTheBox 03-20-2013 05:58 AM

Funnier, when we walked in we did so through the opened door, as we did so there was a deputy coming out of the restroom, clearly seeing us do this. He just walked off and we went about our way.

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