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beastmode986 11-05-2013 02:17 PM

Close call? MAYBE!
So after school today I was waiting at the bus stop sitting down and on my phone. After a few minutes when nobody is around a black car with tinted windows and big rims pulls up around 15 feet down the street from me, a mexican kid gets out trying to be quiet about it and i barely hear the door close. He started walking towards me hand in his hoodie pocket with a dirty look, obviously I had a bad feeling about this so I put my phone in my pocket and got my hands ready(didnt have my knife on me). So he's walking up to me( he seemed a little nervous) then he stops a few feet from me, pauses and then hand still in his pocket(kind of looked like something was printing) stutters and says "uh you know what time the bus comes". When i went to answer he basically started walking around in front of me not listening to anything I said then he started walking away, looked back and kept walking towards the direction the car he got out of pulled off to.

Now I told my brother about this(used to gangbang but not anymore and has robbed a few people in his past) he said he was probably a send off who his "boys" told to rob me but he got scared. He said if he got to nervous to rob someone he would have said the same thing. Anyway, it was kind of suspicious and nerve wracking that I could have been robbed at gun point. That being said what are some items I can carry for self defense that are legal to carry federally ? I dont care if its not allowed at school and I will look up my state laws myself.
Sorry for the bad grammar im in a hurry to get to school.

JW357 11-05-2013 02:22 PM

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Well you already mentioned a knife.

I might consider a flash light with a beveled front. Something like this, but maybe smaller:

Attachment 124819

As you can see the front end would put a hurting on someone if need be.

I would also advise some sort of self-defense class, if you have the means to do so.

mountainman13 11-05-2013 02:45 PM

The tac-light is a pretty good call, then again, I wouldn't want to bring a flashlight to a gun fight. A tactical pen may be another option. Your school may very well consider both to be weapons. Expulsion is better than death.
You've got yourself a sticky situation.
Notifying the school may be a good idea, after all, they are legally responsible for your safety the minute you leave the house.

beastmode986 11-05-2013 02:52 PM

Thanks guys, I was considering a kimber pepper blaster, anyone ever use one before?
Whatare some good self defense flashlights? I AM NOT wortied about punishment from the school as my life is more important. I just want to be legal with the state and federal laws

seancslaughter 11-05-2013 02:54 PM

Tactical pen or a nice beveled front flashlight with a high power strobe function. Im pretty sure that anything else is gonna be off limits for school carry and even those 2 items might possibly be off limits depending on if someone in administration wants to be a douche. I would also recommend self defense classes such as krav maga not anything like tai kwan do or karate in which form is what your learning. You need to learn how to quickly disable an opponent and make them no longer a threat not do a series of forms for a belt.

seancslaughter 11-05-2013 03:00 PM

yeah pepper blasters are great but I guarantee you that if found on you on school property then you will be more than just facing school penalties but also legal action I'm pretty sure thats considered a concealed weapon on school property which is illegal whereas with a flashlight or a pen both have a utility feature other than as a use for a weapon. Check out streamlight and surefire they are pretty much the standard for tac lights.

MisterMcCool 11-05-2013 03:19 PM

Gun free school zones are state laws.

trip286 11-05-2013 03:33 PM

Short piece of chain with a pad lock. You can tell your school administrators you ride your bike to the library and use it to lock it up.

Instead of a "scary, tactical" looking flashlight, consider a good sized mag light, light enough to pack around, heavy enough to get a good swing. as you very often stay at the library studying until after dark, right? It'll raise less suspicion and look less alarming to school admin who may decide to try and give you a hard time.

You drink sodas occasionally, right? Keep an empty or two in your backpack, "for when I may happen to find a glass recycling bin, because I'm environmentally conscious like that. Also why I ride my bike to the library."

Tactical pen? Why it gotta be tactical? Any good steel barrel pen makes a good device for gouging out the ****ing eye balls of punks. Zebra makes some wonderful writing steel barrel ball points. I like Parker too, but they cost a bit more. Way prettier though.

Wear a belt? Get a heavy pewter buckle to put on it.

If you're empty handed, remove the eyes.

How about an extendable baton? But instead, get a collapsible cane like blind people use. After all, occasionally you have to fend off those neighborhood dogs when you're riding your bike to the library or out looking for a glass recycling bin. Won't do the damage that a baton will, but you can fend off an attacker with it in a pinch.

Pepper spray? Your local laws may have something to say about minors in possession of pepper spray, but I'd never heard of anyone having issues with a 1:1 mixture of cooking oil and hot sauce in a squirt bottle. Because ya know, that's also great for deterring those dogs that chase you on your bike.

You can also play the part of being a total dork, and carry your pet rock around with you. I demand you name it "Wilson".

trip286 11-05-2013 03:48 PM

Oh, best yet? Never let anyone get that close to you again, especially in such shady circumstances and with such a directed approach, without making it clear through your words or actions that "I see you, I don't know you, and I'm prepared to **** you up."

It takes nothing to pull a belt off and make eye contact while holding it like you're prepared to swing, and then pretend to adjust something on the buckle. Or to pretend to take that last sip from your empty glass soda bottle, then reverse your grip on it and make eye contact.

And STAND UP. Hands outta your pockets, remove your ear buds, feet shoulder width apart, and look around at everything. PRETEND something has grabbed your interest, and your looking at it but not letting it absorb your attention. A "fly" just buzzed by your head. You see a leaf fall. A bug just ran across the sidewalk. A car honked in the distance.

Don't just be aware of your surroundings, be VISIBLY aware, but also confident. Walk straight and proud, make eye contact with people, greet people who enter your personal space (or close to it) with a nod or "good morning (afternoon, evening)"

nitestalker 11-05-2013 03:49 PM

The problem is California has issued non-resident hunting licenses to the illegals. The illegals get drivers permits welfare legal protection and 52 weeks paid vactions.
The resident Americans of California are taxed and disarmed. They are now "prey".:rolleyes:

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