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theferg2000 11-02-2010 04:58 PM Referals
For those that have not seen, this forum is promoting the forum with a gun give away. It says that if you give a referral, then you get your name entered again in the drawing.

I am planning on joining to get entered. So i figured i would throw it out there, to the first person to reply (that has signed up too) if you want me to put you as my referral... you would get another entry. May as well give one of our members here a better chance at winning it.

First to claim it gets it. I dont think this would bother the forum guys.

theferg2000 11-11-2010 01:06 AM

canebrake gets the referral! He has agreed (by his silence to my terms) that if he wins i get the gun on nights and weekends, and he can have it during the weekdays (i did forget to mention since he owns the guns he will be responsible for transporting it back and forth from KY). I will again take his silence on this matter to mean he agrees to it.

Good luck cane, hope you win it (if i don't anyway)!

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