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Benning Boy 12-24-2008 04:14 AM

Inspired by Supergus, and taking the Nuge, the Duke, and Selleck as given, can anybody name a pro gun celebrity?

junho806 12-24-2008 04:36 AM

the korean celeb that was my avatar for while wanted to be a soldier if not a celebrity and really wants to shoot a gun
does that count?
if so add Kim Tae Yeon

dunerunner 12-24-2008 04:37 AM

None Living!!

sgtdeath66 12-24-2008 05:12 AM

what about rodney

opaww 12-24-2008 06:11 AM

James Earl Jones, Owns a M1 Granada and a 1911a1

hillbilly68 12-24-2008 11:45 AM

Bo Derek. The majority I can think of are country music singers, other than that...:rolleyes:

most of the hollywod "pro gun" are pro gun for themselves only. They are of the opinion "oh YOU people shouldn't have access to them, I am special because I am a "star" you know". Sheesh I think I read that Kevin Costner had said something like this, he shoots at his bazillion acre ranch and owns guns but thinks the people (thats you and me gents) shouldn't have access to guns.

Steve-M 12-24-2008 02:17 PM


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

No one needs guns, as they are only tools for killing. Thus I propose that we ban guns, except in cases for our esteemed leaders and our celebs, who obviously need them for self defense.

No one should make more than 30k a year, as anyone should be able to live off 30k a year, whether you are a doctor or a janitor. The exception to this are our esteemed leaders, who by virtue of their difficult jobs, should earn more.

While were discussing these things, shouldn't our representatives be appointed for us. We the people are relatively dumb, and can't be trusted with such important tasks.

And the truly sad part is that the people will knowingly hand this over on a silver platter.


Benning Boy 12-24-2008 02:48 PM

Seagal and Norris. I wonder where Schwarzenegger is on it?

Dillinger 12-24-2008 02:50 PM

Steven Seagal - obviously. He's a big advocate of Chandler Brothers Firearms.

Norman Schwartzkoff and Kareem Abdul Jabbar are both founding members of Valhalla Training Center.

I think Luke Perry ( God, how do I know this ) got in some hot water for posing on the cover of Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair back in the day with a revolver and when asked about it saide something to the effect of "The world was more simple back in the day when everyone carried a gun - we should go back to that and get rid of some of the BS of today". Something like that - I remember it was a BIG deal at the time.

Matt Hughes - former UFC Welterweight Champion - is a big pro gun guy and was at the SHOT show last year in one of the booths.

R. Lee Ermey - Obviously.

Some more will come to me....

EDIT: My girl Angelina recently came out supporting having a weapon in your home and admitted to having a couple of weapons like the ones from Tomb Raider in the house for her and Brad to protect the kids with. Still have the hots for her. :D

Benning Boy 12-24-2008 03:06 PM

Wait a minute, you too? That minx, she has a spanking coming!:D

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