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MichaelG 10-19-2008 01:09 AM

Catalogs and magazines
Well, after Cabelas stopped sending mine, I am now looking for more catalogs and magazines to subscribe to, for hunting and hunting accessories.

If anyone have any suggestions, I would be thankful because I am a bit busy to look around at the present time. ;)


cpttango30 10-19-2008 02:22 AM

bass pro
Gander Mtn
Dillon (The Blue Press)

mags I have all but given up on as they are all the same anymore. Some fat out of shape dumb azz who is getting paied by the gun manufacuters to say their gun is the best they have ever seen. A varmint rifle could shoot like a shotgun and they would still say it was one of teh best shooting guns on the market.

I read 4 mags
Americna Rifleman
American Hunter
Predator Extream
The Varmint Hunter by Varmint Hunters Assoc.

Predator extreme is good but it only comes 6 times a year.

I used to love shooting times but after Rick left because of his battle with Winchester the mag went down the tube.

MichaelG 10-19-2008 02:27 AM

Alrighty, I'll have a look at a few of these. Thank you for the reply. :)

hillbilly68 10-19-2008 03:23 AM

go on the cabelas web site and you can re start the catalog

also in addition to the ones above:
macks prairie wings
sportsmans guide
midway usa
natchesz shooting supplies

Ram Rod 10-19-2008 03:30 PM

ShotGun News! %20news&xid=1&redirect=no&gclid=CKvfzfzNs5YCFRg6aw odPllMLA

Angeleyes 10-19-2008 08:56 PM

Catalogs: Brownells
Midway USA

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