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"Canned hunts" Opinions?

View Poll Results: Do we need federal laws to stop "canned hunts"?
Well of course we do. 1 3.85%
No we do not. 10 38.46%
We need controls but not from the federal government. 15 57.69%
Voters: 26. You may not vote on this poll

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FWIW, there is "hunting", there is "shooting" (canned hunts) and there is "destruction of nuisance animals", such as the feral hogs you saw in the helicopter shoot. Here in VA, Game and Fisheries may issue a permit to "destroy" animals when they have reached the point of destroying crops. No season, no limit, no limit on weapons or methods.

Went with a friend that was a commercial peanut farmer, in danger of losing entire crop due to deer. He had been issued permit. Rolled out into 150 acre peanut field at night, flicked on spotlight- counted 85 deer. Yes, we killed a lot of deer that night. They all went to food bank program (BTW, that county is badly overpopulated with deer according to game biologists).

However, what we we doing was no more hunting than sprinkling potato bugs with Sevin dust is hunting. Same thing for the canned hunts.
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Originally Posted by LONGHAIR View Post
My friend shot a bear in Canada a few years back and said they take you out on a fourwheeler and drop you off at a baited 55 gal.drum that has meat-fat in it ....then you just set and wait shoot your bear then they pick-you-up...that's the hunt...Not hunting to me...SORRY....I like being in the woods and if I don't see a thing it was still a good hunt.......
Not disagreeing, but a dead bear is a beautiful thing.
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Where do we draw the line in defining the difference between hunting and killing? To me the hunter is the person who seeks out and harvests wild game using their skills to do so. The killer is the person who shoots baited game or takes part in canned hunts.

On more than one occasion, over the years, I have been called upon to assist in culling deer populations where there was an overpopulation that led to property destruction, species starvation and the spread of disease. That was not hunting in any sense of the word; it was doing a necessary distasteful job in a humanly as possible manner. It was out and out killing and those who took part in the process got no pleasure whatsoever in what they were called upon to do. We all were solicited because of the skills we exhibited as hunters and those who volunteered to take part were rejected because it was felt that they only came forward to enjoy the thrill of killing an animal. To me people who take part in canned hunts and kill baited game fall into the same category as those whose applications were rejected.

Much has been said about people should have the right to do what ever they want on their own property without government interference. I take it that you might contend that existing zoning laws are wrong. Your next door neighbor should be able to raise hogs in his yard if he wants to. The laws that prevent those of us in agriculture from applying know carcinogenics to our crops should not exist. A person should have the right to spread hazardous waste on his property with out interference. To hell with the aquifer and the health of others, a person should have the right to do what ever he wants on his own property. I wonder how many of you who have no problem with canned hunts would not be upset if it would become popular for people to pay to shoot dogs or cats as part of a canned hunt. How about shooting horses, ponies, donkeys, calves, goats or sheep? What the hell it would take place on private property so the land owner could make a profit.

I agree that in areas where there is an overpopulation of game species people should refrain from feeding them. But in areas, such as ours, where the over harvesting of does in the black powder season has reduced the population of deer drastically and a series of exceptionally hard winters have decimated the pheasant and turkey numbers feeding them in the winter is necessary if the generations that follow us will have the opportunity to enjoy hunting as we have.

Because of the devastation to game species caused by a series of blizzards last winter there will be no hunting on the 720 acres of CRP land we control and no deer will be taken on the property we own or lease this season.
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A canned hunt isn't harming anyone else, unlike people doing some of the things you mentioned Walley. If someone wants to hunt/kill a horse and it's on his property and it's his horse it isn't any of mine or anyone elses business. What makes a horse, cat or dog any more special than any other animal? Some places in the world people eat those animals. Just because we find it distasteful doesn't make it wrong. Some people find it distasteful because we eat beef. Some people don't eat pork. Does that make it wrong for you to eat it?

Is it moraly superior to knock a cow in the head with a sledge hammer verses a shot to the head of whatever animal you want to harvest on a canned hunt?
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What is the difference between a food plot and bait? They both do the same thing lure deer and other game to an area for you to kill them.

What the hell did mother nature before we started "deer managemnt" practices? Maybe if the state wildlife biologist would do their job and say no doe permits this year. Don't blame guys who hunt farm raised deer when it is all deer hunters that shoot over a bait pile salt block food plot. If you do that you are just as bad as them.
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There is a world of difference between tossing out a pile of corn in the woods, and shooting a deer in between the fences. I'm not a fan of baiting either, but in a tract of unfenced woodland, just because the bait is there doesn't mean the deer will be there in daylight, or that the big bucks will come in at all.

And from experience, salt and mineral licks are most frequently and heavily used in late winter through summer - by the does to replenish the calcium and other minerals depleted by nursing fawns, and by the bucks while they are growing antlers. And tree stands & tripod stands are often the most effective way to hunt free roaming deer populations, especially in very thick brush. Just because the canned "hunt" purveyors use them, doesn't mean there is anything wrong with them.

My distaste for canned "hunts" (and I put it in quotes because it isn't a hunt in my mind, but a shoot) is that the game basically has no chance to get away. I don't like it, and I don't do it, but it's not my place - or the government's - to tell the operators of such shoots that they can't run 'em, unless the operation poses a disease risk to the wildlife in the surrounding areas.

FWIW, I've been a hunter for 41 of my 53 years on this Earth, and have come home skunked far more often than brought home game. And I don't have a single complaint about that situation.
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i dont hunt for sport. killing animals just to have fun i find disgusting. i lump trophy hunters into this, those that hunt solely for the horns. if you eat your trophy i got no issues putting the horns on the wall. i hunt deer cuz i like eating them. so i dont see the diff tween "canned" hunts and wild hunts. if deer was available on store shelves in the fridgerated section i wouldnt bother hunting them.
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I grew up in the only part of Pennsylvania that does not give a day off for the first day of deer season. South Eastern PA. So I did not grow up hunting, nor do I hunt here in Florida. I have zero problem with hunting, and tell all my friends that hunt that I would be glad to cook their game for them, as long as I can share in the eating.

Meanwhile I don't believe anyone should shoot what they cannot eat, or freeze and eat, or donate to someone who will use it. If they do that with canned hunts, that is what the animal was raised for, and in the end it is not much different than a slauterhouse.

In SE PA there are a lot of deer that are killed by autos every year. Some of the accidents take people with them. Some of the parks in the area hire professional hunters to cull the herd, and donate the meat to the local old age homes. That is okay with me.

However, at the end of the day, it is not real sporting. If I were to take up hunting, I am with you folks that say a bad day in the woods is better then a good day at work.
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The same thing can be said about using dogs to hunt bear and deer. There is always a big debate here in VA over the damn dog hunters.

They are a royal PITA.

They can come on private property BY LAW and look for their dogs. No matter if you have it marked or not. You can't stop them and if you try you can be arrested.

Using dogs to chase deer to near exhaustion then blast them with a shotgun is not sporting either. It is a much used way to hunt here. Sure it is a pain to be sitting in your blind or on the ground next to a tree and have 50 dogs come through your hunting area. But, by law it is legal. I don't worry about it. I just do my own thing.

Also I never said baiting or planting food plots is the same as canned hunts. I am saying planting a food plot and putting a 55 gal drum full of corn in the woods is the same exact thing.
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While I do not support the "canned hunt" and think that those who do it are definitely not "hunting" anything. But if they are using the animal for sustenance for themselves or others, I do not think it is a totally bad thing. In a slaughter house you will find much more deplorable conditions than any canned hunt. So, the short answer is perhaps a change in the name of the activity is in order? maybe call them "organized harvest" of game livestock.

It is not an honorable way to obtain game meat, but neither is getting your meat from a average grocery store if you break it down to how it is obtained for sale by the grocer.

Also, a way to control the over population of deer is to support large predators in the ecosystem. Yes there are issues with this proposal, but it is ecologically defensible.

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