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doctherock 12-10-2010 04:29 AM

Call of Duty Black Ops
So the newest and greatest in the line of Call of Duty games has been out for close to a month now. I for one would like to have just a sliver of what Treyarch has made off of this creation. The graphics are flawless, weapons more superior than the last in the series. You earn money in this one for the multiplayer modes and you can buy and upgrade your weapons, scopes including the red dot and holographic color and reticle design. They have thought of everything in this one.

Multiplayer is great but the campaign is pretty sweet as well. what more can i say, I am addicted to this game, so is my 14 year old. My boy is better than me and loves to prove it. If you are looking for a first person shooter this is the one for you.
for any players out here with the PS3, my call sign is doctherock_97103. I play more online then campaign mode.

russ 12-10-2010 05:17 AM

Well, I'm playing it on the xbox. I'm still not sure if I like it better than Modern Warfare 2 or not. But it is pretty cool how you play through historical events and the story line is good. Pretty cool that they have some big name talent for voices in there, Ed Harris and Ice Cube just to mention a couple.

Have you beaten it yet Doc? Made it to the zombie bunker?

doctherock 12-10-2010 05:20 AM

No I'm not to far in campaign as I work 9 hours a day then have a full course load for college at night. My son has beat it though, 1 day and he was done. I own modern warefare 2 as well and have to say this game blows the sh!t out of it.

NitroxAZ 12-10-2010 11:39 AM

Have you guys got up out of the chair you are strapped into at the menu screen? If not, repeatedly press L2 R2 on PS3 or LT RT on XBOX and you will break out of the restraints. Walk around to the computer behind the chair you were in and press the corresponding button that the screen prompts. Enter the word ZORK and you can play the 80's word based action game and get the "Eaten by a Grue" achievement.

The better one IMHO is to exit that and enter the letters DOA, you will be able to play an old school style top down shooter called Dead Ops Arcade and get the "Insert Coin" achievement. There are a few other achievements you get while playing this one as you go.

There are others unlocks if anyone is interested.

lonyaeger 12-10-2010 12:31 PM

I personally think it sucks. Infinity Ward does a much better job with these games than Treyarch. I was hugely disappointed, and was really looking forward to it.

Maybe the franchise has run its course. After the last one, I don't know how they possibly could get any better.....and they didn't with Black Ops.

NitroxAZ 12-10-2010 12:58 PM

It is basically the same game with a few different twists. The one thing they seem to do is test it better than Infinity Ward. A lot less lag and glitches so far. They are all enjoyable.

I am looking forward to seeing what Homefront and Gears 3 will be like. The trailers for them look good.

lonyaeger 12-10-2010 01:11 PM

The COD series are the only video games I play. Now I'm done, gonna eBay the 360 I think.

russ 12-11-2010 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by NitroxAZ (Post 400482)
There are others unlocks if anyone is interested.


dog2000tj 12-11-2010 01:07 AM

For those that want to get to Zombie slaying immediately - break out of the chair (as explained above) and go to the computer terminal. Press "x" to enter, then type in 3Arc - Zombies unlocked! ;)

Proceed to slay Zombies with abandon! :D

Shihan 12-11-2010 01:28 AM

I need to get back online but the Satellite Internet and it's Broadband Restrictions do not allow for online gaming.:mad:

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