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Overkill0084 11-08-2010 09:17 PM

Burglar shot dead... developing
It's still early in the investigation. I hope they don't decide he (homeowner) wasn't justified. Some reports use the term burglar, others use the term "home invasion." The room temperature perp had to be fairly dense. - Homeowner fatally shoots burglary suspect

CA357 11-08-2010 09:52 PM

Does Utah have a Castle Doctrine? If so, case closed.

willshoum 11-08-2010 09:57 PM

So Sad!!!!
I can't believe they are even thinking about bringing charges against the person who did the neighbors and the world a Big Favor. So long scumbag. One down and way to many to go....:eek::)

gregs887 11-08-2010 11:55 PM

Burglar, home invader, who cares? Don't want to get shot stay out of my house. Seems simple enough to me :confused:

cpttango30 11-09-2010 12:23 AM


Poulton's father said his son was a good kid trying to get his life together.
Good effing lord really. If the parents were that stupid then I am sure the kids was even more stupid. Thank god that family line has been stopped.

If it was my kids. I know I would have said I told the stupid little bastard not to be stealing from people someone is going to shoot his stupid ass. Well it looks like the baster didn't listen to me did he. He was an effing idiot Not sure where I went wrong but I am sorry for the actions of my formerly stupid son. If he will allow me I will buy the victim a case of ammo his choice.

How is it that every young male in the world that gets whacked breaking into someone home was a gosh darn good effing kid?

Hey stupid your kids was scum and a waste of oxygen. He wasn't trying to get his life together he was trying to steal from someone that had the wits and wear withal to defend themselves. I for one am glad to see one less scum scuking dirtbag taking a dirt nap.

JonM 11-09-2010 12:25 AM

sounds like the home owner did the righ thing on the surface of the story. hopefully it pans out to be the truth. more power to offing home breaker scum.

VitSports6 11-09-2010 09:15 PM

This was about a mile from my house and a few blocks from my brother, I say good on the homeowner, Its too bad it had to come to this, But you have to do what you have to do...

Maverick 11-09-2010 10:50 PM

I'm with Tango on this one. To many "parents" in denial about what their kids are capable of. Good ridance to the little $hit stain.

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