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diggsbakes 12-04-2010 05:01 AM

Big mess! Learn from my mistake!!!
I got stuck!!!

Read the following (I know it's long) and let it remind you how the average guy has NO ONE to help you, but yourself!!!

I've kinda showed some select members what happened, but I'll put it out and update.

NOTE: Coresponding pictures are on the following page:

To make an continually lengthening story much shorter I'll chronologically list the events in short form that lead me from proud owner of new (semi)-custom built AR-15 that shot like an animal, to my current state as the not-so-proud owner of a pretty lookin' piece of Aluminum and plastic that can't hit the broad side of a Texas sized barn. :(

1. Back in October finished first build, BCM upper with top quality options, Magpul furniture, on a Sp[ikes (SEE Pic.)

2. Soon after finishing. Took gun to the Gunsmith in Question to weld my flashider on to comply with NFA. Weld looked passable.

3. Shot the gun on two seperate outings. The Gun shot GREAT! It printed 2" groups w/ decent ammo and 4"-6" with Wolf, Tula and Brown Bear. ATE EVERYTHING< OUT OF EVERY MAG, and simply felt Great!!!

4. Second week of Nov. Busy as hell in life and had no time to get the AR ready for me and Dad's annual Marathon Shoot that we have the day after Thanksgiving. So I took the Gun back to the Smith to have him install a free float handguard/quad rail to sweeten it up a bit, before the biug shoot.

5. Went to pick up gun a couple days later and was handed a bag of metal. The bag contained my barrel nut, spring, rest of forend hardware. All had been cut, because it was "too tight". Before they cut the nut, the nut was completely stripped. They stated that it was OK. New hardware on to spec. Flashhider had also been welded back on in the same spot, this time looked like more metal??? :eek: (SEE PIC)

I'm getting nervous at this point and have bad feelings, but I'm trying to stay positive. My Mom and Dad live in New Mexico and Only get to see my Daughters a few times a year. I wasn't going to let sisuation ruin the fun.

5. Day after Thanksgiving we went to the range. Dad's gun shot great. Mine missed the paper COMPLETELY!!! I drug the stand back to 25 yards and did not have enough adjustment to move POI far enough to the left to hit the center.

Now I'm pissed off, the session was ruined and I'm going down to that shop. I go in and it's the smith. I firmly explain my disappointment and disgust and told him I want it fixed.

He asks to take it over the weekend and I decline.

6. Over the week: I called his boss all week to set up an appointment. I'm also going through possible scenarios. Warped barred, stripped receiver, etc.

I also contacted BCM who was mortified and agrees to fix the barrel and inspect the receiver, not for free of course, because of the situation. It basically sound like I have no choice, but to work it out with the owner. REMEMBER THIS FELLAS

I get one for Friday (today). I wasn't looking forward to it at all.

7. I go in and it's like freakin' happy hour. 6-8 middle aged men and a couple antiques.:rolleyes: The smell of booze was present. I was confronted in a semi-friendly way by the owner, of which whom I've done business with many times over the last 4 years. He says "Well, What'd ya do to it???

I simply say, "I can't get it to shoot, after y'all fixed it!

Anyways, he defends that cutting the nut was the only way and that nothing like that should have caused what I'm experiencing. I bring up the weld and the noticeable porosity, which would indicate high temp and improper prep. (SEE PIC)

8. He basically denies any wrong doing. He took the gun home for the weekend. The owner that is. He had a rep for good work/prices, but now it's looking that I'm gonna be out a barrel. AT LEAST!!!

SO NOW, this week I get to spend researching gunsmith laws and acceptable practices, license requirements, etc. . . .IF ANY ONE HAS KNOWLEDGE OF THIS THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!

CA357 12-04-2010 05:05 AM

Dammit! That sucks.

diggsbakes 12-04-2010 05:06 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Here are the pics that go to my above post.

dunerunner 12-04-2010 05:07 AM

What a mess! I'd get another smith/shop to evaluate the gun then confront the owner with it, but I feel for ya man!!

diggsbakes 12-04-2010 05:08 AM


Originally Posted by CA357 (Post 396887)
Dammit! That sucks.

The helplessness is hoffific. The shame of it is that I am a tradesman myself and if I screw something up, I don't get paid until I make it right!

dunerunner 12-04-2010 05:11 AM

Oh, but you take pride in your work.

Damn, I can weld that good and I don't pretent to know how to weld!! :eek:

winds-of-change 12-04-2010 05:28 AM

Sorry about the situation. HOW FRUSTRATING. But let me add "Damn, that's a beautiful gun!"

cpttango30 12-04-2010 06:10 AM

Why did you have the flash hider welded on in the first place. Could you not pin it in place and meet the same requirments?

I feel yah. Some times you just got to lay it out there and tell them that they are going to fix it or else.

Let me run you through a story of my I got dremel ibe gunsmiff.

Gun 1917 Remington Enfield custom target rifle chambered in 308 win. The mounts that were on it were for an old Leupold scope that had no adjustments on teh scope its self the adjustments were made by shimming the mounts and adjusting the windiage on the base to ring mount it is called the Leupold adjustomounts. Top of the line in its day. But way to low for modem scopes with 40mm objectives. I trashed a simmons 6-18x40mm AO scope because the obj was resting on the barrel and I sinched down the rings. OOPS. Now fast forward 1 year. I spend a ton of time trying to figure out how to mount a scope and the only thing I can come up with is to house new mounts installed. Problem rear of the reciever has been machined in an odd way to fit the older leupold mounts. If you put on standard 2 piece bases the rear is aprox 1/4 to 3/8" to low. One guys said its good and blue locktites the rear mount on BACKWARDS. I say ok he's the smith and he says it will work. So I take it to the range NOPE it is shooting I kid you not 5' high. So I look and look and the nearest gunsmith is Gander Mnt. Took it in there and said look the rear mount is too low I need a new one made. The guy talks to me and ask a few questions like how far are you going to shoot it and what not I say I want to be able to shoot out to 600 yards but don't put any MOA in the mounts. OK he writes it up and says about two weeks. Two weeks later I call nope not done. OK I'm cool quality works takes time.

Two more weeks and I call again still not done maybe two or three days. Finaly another week later they call and tell me I can pick it up. So I hop in the car and shoot down there. I get the the gunsmith counter and say I am here to pick up my gun give him the tag number and he gets it out. He brings it to the counter and I about have a heart attack. My action looks like it got beat like a red headed step child. I am talking HAMMER MARKS all over it. I freak out and say "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY RIFLE?" the guy said oh that that was there when you brought it in. "WHAT NO THEY WEREN'T!" Well we didn't do it you must have not noticed that you did it. " OK REALLY MY ACTION LOOKS LIKE SEALS FACE" I have pictures I took the day before I took the gun in that clearly show the action area that got beat to hell. The guy said again "WE DIDN'T DO IT". I'm now getting loud saying "I'M NOT PAYING TILL YOU FIX IT" Again dude says they didn't do it. I am not pissed off so bad I am shaking and my bp is now about 210 or 100 I am about to stroke out over this. When I scream at the guy to get the manager right effing now. You could have heard a pin drop at the gun counter. 10 minutes later the manager shows up and asks what the problem is. I tell him someone took a dam ball peene hammer to my rifle and your guy is refusing to make it right. If that is how it is going to buy I will find a smith on my own to fix it then I will send you the bill and if you refuse to pay well lets just say I will be your worst nightmare. The manager turns to the guy and says what are you not fixing this? We didn't do it. the manager says right and how many people will take a hammer to their own rifle esp a custom built target rifle? He apologized and said we are going to make it right. the guy behind the counter said we will have to send it back to the gun smith. It was sent out of their shop to another shop. I tried to get the name of that guy but they would not cough it up.

In the end it was fixed. but it is like a car after a big wreak just is just not he same as it used to be. It does have a nice new blue job on it. Though it is mate and I would have preferred it to be a glossy finish.

good luck brother. I would just show them my shartfoo youtube video and say make it right or I bring in this guy to shartfoo your asses.

diggsbakes 12-04-2010 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by cpttango30 (Post 396916)
I would just show them my shartfoo youtube video and say make it right or I bring in this guy to shartfoo your asses.

Right on, I needed a laugh. . .

I'm gonna give this one a rest until tommorrow.

A precision AR is slowly coming in to the safe vacancy. So I just gotta keep visualizing. . . or somethin

danf_fl 12-04-2010 10:44 AM

Some people are not safe with Legos. Sorry to hear of the bad luck. I have turned down work that I knew was outside of my capabilities, but those same customers keep coming back (They know what I do, and know that I will not experiment on their firearms).

Hope you get it fixed.

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