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Best Death Scene ?? ( Possible Movie Spoilers!! )

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Bro - If you liked the movie, you NEED to watch the Director's Cut! Way better ending and a much more thorough movie flow...
Sweet, I will definitely watch that version.
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Originally Posted by Benning Boy View Post

Rutger riding an enormous black Lippizaner into the church, chromed out in armor, with a sword as big as him, and nowhere for the baddie to run.
It was a Fresian and not a Lipizzaner.

Marvin's head exploding in Pulp Fiction, good death.

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Although reality is a bit stretched to satisfy the plot.....

Dirty Harry; Insp. Callahan blows away the Scorpio killer (Andrew Robinson), letting him think he may have a chance to survive.

Magnum Force; Callahan literally blows away crooked cops, Lt. Briggs (Hal Holbrook) with a bomb and others by beating, an automobile and drowning.

The Enforcer; Insp. Callahan literally blows away psycho killer Bobby Maxwell (DeVeren Bookwalter) on a watch tower at Alcatraz with an M72 LAW rocket.

Sudden Impact; Callahan kills psycho killer Mick the Rapist (Paul Drake) using a .44 Automag. He then lets pay-back killer Jennifer Spencer (Sondra Locke) get away with murder in a case of street justice.

Dead Pool; Lots of deserving bad guys get it from Insp. Callahan's .44 magnum, but the main villain, Harlan Rook, (David Hunt) gets his just reward with an industrial strength spear gun, impaling him on a wall.

Unforgiven; When the "Schofield Kid" (Jaimz Woolvett) finally really kills someone, the film realistically shows the emotional impact it places on him.

Can you tell, I'm a Clint Eastwood fan?

The Untouchables; Historical accuracy is sacrificed for the story line. But when Elliot Ness (Kevin Costner) has to kill a bad guy in the Canadian border shootout, this film also depicts accurately the emotional impact that killing can have on someone.

Best Death Scene ?? ( Possible Movie Spoilers!! ) - The Club House
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Sam Peckinpah's "The Wild Bunch!" (1969, you had to be there!)



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The end of Four Brothers where Mark Wahlburg beats hell out of the BG then his own cronies throw him through the hole in the ice.

The end of The Departed when Matt Damon (who thinks he got away clean) enters his apartment and gets shot in the face by the GG.

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Head exploding in Scanners.
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How about when the alien exploded out of that guy's chest in Alien?

It's got nothing to do with death scenes, but Sigourney Weaver sure showed a set of perky little breasts in that movie.
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Best Death Scene ?? ( Possible Movie Spoilers!! ) - The Club House

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Originally Posted by yazul42 View Post
Clint Eastwood,, several flicks:

" Dirty Harry " the original last scene with the psycho,,,
The preacher's showdown with Marshal Stockburn,,,, " Pale Rider "
Gary Cooper in " High Noon " against the desperados he sent to prison.

One Dillinger may remember,,, Charlie Sheen poppin' Tom Berenger in
" Platoon "
I did enjoy watching the preacher ice the marshal in Pale rider, 6 in the chest 1 in the head with back up gun. Oh Yeah!
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Heat: the last scene with Pacino and Deniro

Day of the Jackal: When the Jackal tests out the .50 cal on Jack Black(personal enjoyment lol watching him get blown to bits)

Full Metal Jacket: when they encounter that female sniper

Enemy at the Gates: Jude law snipes the Major from like 15 feet away

ummmm every scene in 300 Sh!t-yea
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