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SGT-MILLER 10-18-2008 01:03 AM

Battle Hymn
Copy and paste this link and listen to the whole thing:

All prior and current members of the US military, United States Emergency Services (Ambulance, Police, Firefighters), United States Public Services (Teachers, Hospital/Clinic Workers, Infastructure Workers), and all other citizens on this forum.

When you listen to this song, remember the core values of America. Remember where this country came from. Remember that we are still one nation under God, no matter who the next president is.

Members of the US military on this forum of all ranks, remember our oath that we took, and regardless of who our next commander-in-chief is, we have an obligation to this country to serve the people of this nation and give our lives if need be in that service. Continue to charge forward, and protect always!

matt g 10-18-2008 02:08 AM

We also have the right to choose which god, if any, we choose to follow. I, as have many others, served to protect the rights of atheists, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews everywhere.

phrogmech 10-21-2008 12:23 PM

Enjoyed, well done.

Angeleyes 10-22-2008 05:33 AM

Nicely done!
I also like Steppenwolf's The Monster

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