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a1huntingsupply 05-09-2007 03:50 AM

Bald Eagle at my Job
We have three Bald Eagles at my job. They have been staying around the ponds for the last month.

Bald Eagle

This Hawk is always messing with the largest Eagle.

rickysmith 05-09-2007 04:33 PM

Nice pictures! I've seen some Bald Eagles out near Lake Buchanan in Burnet.

GUNGIRL 05-09-2007 05:35 PM

oh man you lucky you know how rare it is to see them...they like to nest by one of the lakes out here in Colorado...

BrassMonkey 05-10-2007 10:26 AM

I live in Southern Illinois right next to the Mississippi River and see them all the time. In the winter months they sit on the river ice waiting for fish, and nest in the trees, and bluffs nearby. People come from all over to photgraph them here.

allmons 05-10-2007 06:50 PM

Fantastic! Thanks for the pictures.
Certainly not something you see every day!


RONSERESURPLUS 05-23-2007 11:47 PM

Bald Eagle at my job!


Thanks even for posting the pics, How can ya look at those and be depressed? The very Look at them brings shivers down my spine! I love nature shots, Here, we have Halks and a Lot of DER and some Bear, I wish I could see your eagles up close, and thanks again for posting those, it made my week!

BLS33 05-28-2007 07:22 AM

Very cool! Nice pics as well.

Dude 05-28-2007 08:43 PM

A1 do you have a range next to your shop?

a1huntingsupply 05-30-2007 08:44 AM


Originally Posted by Dude (Post 2217)
A1 do you have a range next to your shop?

No... I sure don't, but it would be nice to have one.

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