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Bad customer service

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What really gets to me is to go into a gun store and have some kid who only got over his diaper rash a week or so before tell me that what I asked for is not what I want. Before Christmas I stopped at one store and asked the clerk if they had a H & R 410 Topper in stock because I wanted one for my great grandson for his 10th birthday. This snot nosed retard tried to tell me that what I really wanted was a 20 gauge pump. I asked to talk with the manager and was told that he was too busy to talk with me. He was sitting on his brain drinking coffee next to the cash register. I used a few superlatives on both of them and walked out. I called the owner of the shop to complain and the dumb s-o-b hung up on me. Needless to say I have bad mouthed that shop and its owner to everyone who would listen.
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Well, it DO go both ways across the counter.

I stop by a local small engine shop- need a gasket for the carb on the Briggs and Sumbitch engine on my leaf vac. Problem is, model number is on a tag you cannot GET to because of where engine is mounted. So, I walked into shop. Counter clerk. Girl- about 19. Multiple ear piecings with strange stuff. Oh, yeah, this will be good- blind leading the blind, in their natural habitat.

"Can I help you?"

" Maybe. I don't have a model number or part number- but I have a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton, horizontal drive shaft- and need a gasket for the carberator float bowl."

"Sure. For the top of the bowl, or for the retaining bolt?"

"Ummm (stunned) the one for the top."

"Be right back." Returns in about 1 minute, with THE gasket . "That'll be $2.50. Lot of money for a rubber band, huh?"

I don't give a crap if that young lady knows NOTHING else about any engine- she impressed the hell out of me. Humbly paid her the $2.50, thanked her, and left. When I got home, installed the gasket (PERFECT fit). Then called the shop owner, thanked him, and complimented the young lady that was so knowledgable.

He laughed- and said "She should know her stuff- she has been working on engines here for 5 years.

She's my daughter."
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There are still some good shops out there, mostly down south but around here there is mainly 2 shops i go to because i know the guys and i buy 99% of my fire arms there, i guess you for guys that have been around a while it would be the same as you walking into a gun store to have a 20yr old tell you that you have no idea what your talking about and what you want is not what they want. I remember growing up small shops were nice to their customers because the value money, i guess now days they tend to care a lot less about customer loyalty because they have so many customers its all good though, ill glady spend my cash somewhere elese.
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I almost always get the impression that the guys at most gun shops think I'm wasting their time. I've always chalked it up to the fact that I'm not a regular that hangs out and BS's with them all the time.

Yesterday I walked into my local gun shop. I went straight to the counter where the hand guns are. I found the LCPs, drooled thru the glass for a while, leaned on the counter and glanced at the shop keep a few times (who was in his office).

Finally another guy walked up behind me and the shop keep came running out. To help me? No, to let me stand there and wait while he BSed with this other guy that just walked in, someone he obviously knew. After another couple minutes he finaly asked if he could help me. I said I'd like to see one of those LCPs.

He said he was busy calling in a gun but he would send some over, which he did. Nice that he had time to BS with his buddy as soon as the guy walked in, but didn't have time to even acknowledge me who had been waiting for 5 min. already.

I spent $1500 on a Sako rifle and Carl Ziess scope a few years ago. The wife got jealous so we went back the next day and I spent $1200 on her rifle and scope. (Hey, I could qualify for the "bulk purchase" list they're pushing for.) Anyway, I went back a week later and the guy acted like he had never met me before.

That and their prices is why I shop out of town for guns and accessories.
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Originally Posted by deathkricket View Post
I remember growing up small shops were nice to their customers because the value money, i guess now days they tend to care a lot less about customer loyalty because they have so many customers its all good though, ill gladly spend my cash somewhere else.
We depend on loyal customers, and making each new one that walks in to want to come back. There are several options in our area, so pissing a customer off is not in our best interest. Being small can be good or bad, it's all about attitude and effort. I wish some of you guys were closer, lol. You would think with all the BS going on with the gov, and the number of FFL's getting hammered that they would be paying attention to their customers. I know we have to, or we would not be in business.
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The gun shop where I used to work has gone severely downhill. After Maobama's election, customers were three and four deep. It stopped being enjoyable and became all about the money. While I understand business and that money is its lifeblood, there wasn't time to take a breath.

It has further deteriorated because it has become all about black rifles and tacticool stuff. The owner has put the youngsters in charge and has been forcing the old timers out. If you want to talk AR's, that's all well and good, but there's so much more. The youngsters exhibit a superior attitude that isn't good for business.

I learned a lot working there and sometimes I miss it, but not much.
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I found the best thing ever for me, a local home based FFL.

I go to the rude shops and look at their guns while they act like I'm a idiot. Then I call my buddy and place an order. His prices are in line with online shops and the service is excellent.

I will buy from one shop if they have anything I really like, a pawn shop about 45 minutes from me.
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Sorry. I no longer have that problem. I walked into my lgs a couple of weeks ago and the manager said "hello", then turned to his customer and said - "I love to see him come in, he's the only man around with less hair than me."
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