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zhuk 03-22-2010 09:28 AM

Armed America
The 'Euro' Perspective...

I was digging thru my bookmarks, came up with this old thread from! regarding a book by photojournalist Kyle Cassidy, documenting ordinary Americans with their firearms. The anti-gun responses are so very much like what would be voiced by the majority in Australia...but my favourite comeback was this guy's reply:


Despite what people should think/not think, do/not do, about gun ownership and rights, in the United States of America, we CAN have them, and no matter how smart or senseless it may be in your opinion, it doesn't matter. This is due to the fact we are allowed to own weapons of all kinds, and the legal responsibilities to do so are thorough and strict. Does this affect the crime rate, no. Our culture and society is different here than anywhere else and that even varies by region of the US. Naturally we are opinionated by our national and traditional views, and thus Americans typically stand by our guns, I love the quote "If it weren't for guns, we'd be British" That really symbolizes our love affair for firearms. In all honesty your nations laws regarding guns might be the best course of action for your nation, but not here. Your going to run into this every time this conversation comes up. I can see your opinions with an open mind, but what is so hard about our system to understand, we HAVE the right and ability to own firearms, period. Its our way of life, and in the words of Charlie Daniels, "If you don't like it, get over it, this is America"
"If it weren't for guns, we'd be British"


The book:

Armed America, Kyle Cassidy, Book - Barnes & Noble

DrumJunkie 03-22-2010 10:48 AM

Neat pics. I would love to be have those in the bottom pic..whew!

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