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AR-15 at Obama Town Hall

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Another story I was reading about the deal came from the SS. They indicated that no extra time or effort needs to be spent on persons open carrying at these events. First, these people are not regarded as a direct threat to the POTUS. Second, they won't be let into the building anyway. These people are in an openly visual area of protest. The sheriff's dept in Phoenix said none of these people violated any law, and the role of the local law enforcement is to make sure those carrying were not harrassed or attacked by anti-gun groups.

What I have not heard in the mass media is the applause of people exercising their rights.

I seriously doubt that the SUR was loaded.
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I would have borrowed the biggest, baddest, 'assault weapon' I could find and stood right there beside him. Rock-on brother!!

I'm not in to appeasing anti's. We're in the right and that matters more imo.
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Default "Assault rifle" at Obama event in Arizona.

Today, a guy showed up at an Obama health care indoctrination rally in Phoenix, carrying an AR-15. CNN has their panties in a bunch over this, and of course they are mis-identifying it as an "assault rifle."

Man carries assault rifle to Obama protest -- and it's legal -
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Pioneer - I merged your thread with this one that was already active.

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Keep in mind this man was also only one of a dozen other armed protesters. God bless america! (And Arizona too!)
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While the question of whether or not he should have done this is up for personal interpretation, I have to say that I love this Great State of Arizona.

I also like Sheriff Joe's position that wanted to make sure that the open carry folks weren't bothered by the anti gun side.
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I've stood next to President Bush and to Obama(running for Pres at the time) while deployed. Both times SS made us leave our weapons at the hanger or outside his circle of protection (about 25ish yards, varies depending on situation). Only high ranking officers and MP/SP's on duty seemed to be exceptions to this policy which I find a bit insulting. They trust me with a weapon but not around certain high ranking people.

My point is I'm wondering if it really is not a problem for the SS or if they are just saying that because admitting that it creates a headache for them might actually encourage more people to follow suit. Which I also think is a bad idea, it doesn't help the cause its just politicizes the issues which polarizes the people.
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They win (the media) we loose. If your not willing to exercise your rights you deserve to have them taken away. I think many folks are fed up with the fact are rights are being stripped a way one small step at a time. Yes this may be the first time he carried his AR but when is a right not a right. If we believe he is in the wrong then what rights are we fighting for the right to own a gun but never use it and always keep it hidden. No I do not want to see a whack job do anything stupid but a whack job will do it if there is open carry or not. I live in north Idaho and see open carry all the time most people don’t even flinch because it is common. Just the brain washed folks from out of state who find it odd we can do it. Yes it is a small few who do on a daily basis with most doing occasionally but it is their right. I wonder how many more in the crowd carried concealed if I was the SS I would be more concerned about the hidden gun than some that is carrying open.

We have allowed an anti gun minority and the media to tell us how to speak and act. We have kept quit so long it is the norm and so when we speak out on a subject like health care where called Mobs and extremist and God forbid you went to a tea party you’re a real nut job. And when we exercise our right to carry we are Right wing nut jobs to the max. I honestly hope a 1000 people show up at the next one open carrying in a peaceful manner to show people we have rights and we don’t want to loose them and we are not mobs just folks who believe the government is not the answer for everything. Remember the President is just a man like every one else, he is not a God so why should we act different around him than we do any other American.

Hay what do I know I am a “ Right Wing Extremist “ according to DHS

Just my thoughts.
Have a good one!

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It would have had more impact if a few thousand had done likewise. Hmmm...anyone up for a trip to D.C.?
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I agree with it.

If you read the article he made sure to stay in a big open public area and made no attempts to get inside.

The secret service even said he was no threat.
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