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Benning Boy 06-06-2011 12:30 AM

Another Interesting Conversation
The smoke from the sweat lodge stung Benny's eyes, as he sat on a rock outside.

He was nimbly working a pocketknife with fancy jimping, while alternately tugging at sinew with his teeth, then dropping a bead or two into a complicated mess in his lap. The reservation children sat in wonder.

A jeep pulled up, five young, angry braves. Angry because J.D. had thrown them from the sweat lodge, and led a buffalo inside. The Chief, Little Eagle, drove the jeep.

"Benny, what is the meaning of this?"

J.D. burst forth from the flap of the lodge, a bloody mass clutched to his heaving chest. "Water! NOW!!!"

Little Eagle gestured, a brave grabbed a 5 gallon can from the jeep. J.D. nodded, the brave slowly poured water on the mass.

Slowly, the red of the blood gave way to pink, then the white underneath. A black nose and tail were revealed, J.D. had been midwife to the birth of The Great White Buffalo.

The mother buffalo came over, nuzzled J.D.'s forehead, and he laughed, releasing the beast.

Benny held up a mosaic, his creation, commemorating the event. He handed it to the Chief, rose, and spoke.

"J.D., My Friend. I have a proposition...."

Dillinger 06-06-2011 12:34 AM


Benning Boy 06-06-2011 01:04 AM

J.D. removed his headphones, and placed his sitar in the stand next to his chair. Benny let the chanter of his bagpipes drop from his lips.

J.D. looked at the glass between the studio and the mixing room, and asked, "Was that okay, Dre?"

In the mixing room, a large black man with alot of gold records would have traded them all for one box of Kleenex to hide his tears. He sobbed out, "Guys, that was the most beautiful thing I ever heard...."

The door flew open, an angry, small, bleach blonde boy with alot of bad tattoos storming in.

"Look, b*****s, this is my studio time. I gotta drop an album in a month, and that s**t you're doing, while beautiful and evocative, is messin with me. Either battle me, or get the f**k out!"

Benny and J.D. exchanged glances, and nodded.

J.D. spoke, "Andre, could we have a beat, please?"

A beat filled the studio, and J.D. began...

"My rhymes drop like thunder
Your rhyme merely pinches
Guys may like your 8 miles
Girls love my 8 inches"

Benny jumped in...

"Dre's about to drop you
with us, he's investing
You are merely angry
We are interesting"

The young man cried, and ran from the studio.

J.D. held up a gloved hand, and an impossibly large owl landed on his wrist.

"We out."

Dillinger 06-06-2011 01:08 AM

*nodding head and grooving* Oh yeah, I can feel that.....

Benning Boy 06-06-2011 01:20 AM

Benny spun the artisan crafted dough into an impossibly thin disc. J.D. sprinkled corn meal on a large wood paddle, then made his way to the bellows, pumping oxygen into the aromatic woodschips heating the oven.

The two were trying a Mesquite/ Purpleheart combo to add something to the pizza.

Benny lobbed his head backwards, shifting the top of the hat he was awarded at Cordon Bleu.

"So, My Friend, this is what I've been thinking. Summer is a time for blockbusters. We should do something big for the forum."

J.D. nodded, cutting Slovenian sausage into paper thin discs.

"I like it. But what can be so large that we haven't done it before?"

Benny laid the dough on the paddle, and nodded to Cane. Cane stepped forward with engineering tools, checking the roundness of the crust. His eyebrow arched, he nodded approvingly.

J.D. ladled sauce onto the dough, then stepped into the refrigerator, gathering large cheeses. He broke the crust on one, inhaled sharply, then offered it to Benny.

Benny took it, sniffed in three areas, and nodded.

"We need to involve a Vendor."

Benning Boy 06-06-2011 03:55 AM

Benny manipulated the needles with one hand, the other held a Hi Point with a Surefire flashlight mounted, it's beam trained on the tooth that J.D. was repairing.

The accupuncture needles blended with the fur of the Polar Bear, but insured no pain as J.D. finished the filling.

"You know, My Friend, that pistol will never do for what you have in mind."

J.D. stepped back, finished. Benny pulled the rest of the needles, and the bear sat upright, then ambled over to a frozen stream. He slapped the ice, cracking it, and stuck his head in. He withdrew it, a salmon clutched in his jaws. He brought it to J.D., dropping it at his feet.

J.D. spoke. "Go, my large friend, eat!"

Benny looked at J.D. with curiosity. "So what do you propose?"

"I have an idea. Well, two actually. There's the first." He pointed to the bear, stalking a seal.

Inside the seal skin, the troll who had been so much trouble stirred, waking up from the triangle choke. He looked up and screamed as the bear tucked in...

Benning Boy 06-06-2011 03:24 PM

"So you think it will work?" Benny asked between ragged breaths, over the thunder of the hooves.

J.D., also winded, alternately spoke between slapping bulls he was chasing down the Spanish streets.

"It will take multiple threads, and planning, but it can be done."

The pair saw two senoritas waving seductively at the cafe ahead. They exchanged glances, nodded, and leapt onto the backs of two of the bulls, riding, and dismounting at the table of the ladies.

A waiter,shocked, came over.

J.D. smiled. "A Dos Equis for my friend and I."

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