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JiroZero713 03-18-2009 06:40 PM

Ammo Idea
You know I've been muddling around on this for a while.

I know a very cheap way to make some cash on this place for the site.

Ammo donating and then selling off the rounds as a Firearms Talk shooter's package.

Like hear me out on this.

Let's say each member donates 2 rounds of 7.62 a month.

Well if 10 people do it then that's a full box of ammo...and then you can sell that donation off.

I'm sure some of you guys have big old casks of the stuff....but it's just an idea I've muddled with.

Donate a round give a round type deal and make an Ammo pull that the site can pull from.

cpttango30 03-18-2009 06:48 PM

Yah I got tons of 308 ammo just stacked up in my house I will start sending it to you right away.


hunter Joe 03-18-2009 11:03 PM

I rather donate my last grandchild.

JiroZero713 03-18-2009 11:08 PM

Oh hell no. I don't want any lol.

It is just an idea...of course it would be hard to regulate and whomever we trusted it to would have to have an implant so we could moniter their brain waves...but hey! Who doesn't want one!

But yeah like a money pool but instead an ammo pool from one round a month from each member....and then the site sell mixed ammo to people.

hunter Joe 03-18-2009 11:10 PM

OK, I'll keep the kid and just give you money, you ain't get'n none of my bullets.

skullcrusher 03-18-2009 11:22 PM

I think Jiro was just trying to offer an idea to help the funding of the site. He was not asking anyone to send him ammo. :cool:

ScottG 03-19-2009 01:00 AM

I think it would be safer to donate money to buy the ammo instead of sending it. Don't need the gov't interfering with those pesky laws about shipping ammo....

Chester 03-19-2009 01:29 AM

Kinda gives "my 2 cents" a new meaning

hunter Joe 03-19-2009 02:15 AM

Chester, I can't stop clicking your avatar, my wife is getting suspicious.

Benning Boy 03-20-2009 05:14 PM

If we could charge a penny a click of Chesters avatar, this site would have to burn money to stop the spillover.:D

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