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Wings-ofthe-Luftwaffe 12-20-2009 06:57 PM

Absolutely the best truck stop in the entire world.
Some of you have probably seen this, for those of you who haven't ... enjoy.
I wonder how often they have someone try to rob them? @_@

gregs887 12-20-2009 08:22 PM

Ok, that is freaken badass.

cpttango30 12-20-2009 08:34 PM

Anyone else pass out from loss of blood to their brain or was that just me?

Dillinger 12-20-2009 08:41 PM

"And here is the famous .44 Automag"


That was a Wildley.

People that don't know their weapons should get help before posting information about them....

Atleast he got the P7 right....

Cool place though. I would definitely visit....

dog2000tj 12-20-2009 09:58 PM

Saw some pretty sweet looking knives :D

IGETEVEN 12-20-2009 10:24 PM

We got one of the largest private gun collections Museum in the world, here in Oklahoma, in Claremore. They have it all. I drool a lot when I visit. :)

J.M.Davis Museum Menu

Gun Museum :eek:


Bigcountry02 12-21-2009 05:33 AM

OMG! That is some Toy Collection! :eek: Sweet!

spittinfire 12-21-2009 11:43 AM

I'm going thru there soon I think. Maybe I can convince the wife to make a stop.

bowtecbowhunter 12-21-2009 02:48 PM

I drive truck and I spent a weekend there once, and they also have another truck stop out in sparks, NV. that stayed at several times.

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