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bkt 04-03-2008 09:28 AM

Absolut Reconquista
Do you like Vodka? If you do and your preferred brand is Absolut, please consider a different brand. Check out their IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD ad campaign aimed at Mexican consumers.

Contact information for Absolut:

Jeffrey Moran
Director of Public Relations and Events
The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc.
1370 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019
Phone, direct: +1 212 641 87 20

Quasi 04-03-2008 11:22 AM

Never liked Absolut much, anyway. I'll stick with Ketel One.

Dillinger 04-03-2008 01:45 PM

Interesting. I do like vodka, but Absolut is about my Absolut last choice to begin with.

I definitely do not approve of the add though - so I believe I will be sending some comments to Mr. Moran.

Thanks for the heads up bkt!


GlenJohnson 04-03-2008 11:22 PM

Thanks to the doctors, I quit drinking this year, so it'll be easy to boycott these morons. For those of you that haven't heard, Absolut Vodka has just been bought out by Pernod Ricard in France from Sweden. So, this wonderful ad campaign which is coming to from New York, is from a French Vodka maker now. Don't it figure. (Won't be official till this summer.)

billdeserthills 04-05-2008 01:29 AM

Thanks for the heads up bkt, I just e-mailed them a special letter.

gnoll 04-05-2008 03:59 AM

i dont drink russan stuff
i prefer beer

fapprez 04-05-2008 12:53 PM

Yep, never ared much for vodka. I've always been a Bud light or Jack Daniels kinda guy. In an Absolut world, they can shove that bottle up their as.

Chester 04-06-2008 11:06 AM

Why is this not enough
Absolut says they are wrong.,2933,346964,00.html

bkt 04-06-2008 12:26 PM


"In no way was it meant to offend or disparage, nor does it advocate an altering of borders, nor does it lend support to any anti-American sentiment, nor does it reflect immigration issues," Absolut said in a statement left on its consumer inquiry phone line.
No, of course not. I'm so silly for misinterpreting the ad and taking offense. Jackass. :mad:


"As a global company, we recognize that people in different parts of the world may lend different perspectives or interpret our ads in a different way than was intended in that market, and for that we apologize."
Try advertising booze in an Islamic country with the slogan "IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD: DEMOCRACY" and let me know how that works for your marketing team.

These guys aren't the least bit sorry. They realize they stepped in it and they're making a tiny gesture to try to retain a sizable customer base (the U.S.).

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