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9/11...Do you remember what you where doing...

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I know a Birthday is just a Birthday,but I wouldn't want it to be on..9/11....
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On September 11, I was in college, sitting in my dorm room and working on paperwork for declaring my major. I telephoned my mom to ask her a question and she told me that she just heard a plane had hit a building in New York. At first, I thought it must have been some sort of accident. A little while later, I packed up my books to go to class. When I went out into the hall, some of the girls on my floor were running around hysterically, obviously upset. It turned out that another plane had hit the Pentagon, and since my school was only a couple hours from DC, many kids had parents that worked there. They were frantically trying to get in touch with their loved ones. Obviously, I realized, two crashes were not coincidental. At the end of the hall, a lot of students were clustered around the TV in the lounge. I walked down there just in time to see the first tower fall. Everyone was just stunned.

I stood there and watched the live news for awhile. Everything else seemed to freeze around us; I couldn't tell you how much time elapsed or if anyone else had entered or left the room. I felt helpless and didn't know what else to do, so eventually I left and caught the bus to my first class of the morning. It was standing room only and the ride was unusually quiet. One guy in a baseball cap broke the somber mood with general animated chit chat and I wondered how long it would be before he found out the news. I remember it being such a beautiful day with a bright blue sky and warm sunshine, such a contrast with the gloom, fear, and sadness we all felt. Televisions were set up everywhere for students to watch and all the ROTC kids had been rushed home to change into civilian clothing in case someone tried to target them, too.

By dinnertime, ribbons with stars and stripes were being handed out at the dining halls. I kept that frayed ribbon pinned to whatever backpack I happened to be using for years, until the day my house burned down. Both days will stay with me for the rest of my life.
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I was at work at my former company which had just recently been bought by an Australian slot machine manufacturing company, Aristocrat. We were working in the repair lab and the “supervisor,” (as useless a piece of 9/11...Do you remember what you where doing... - The Club House as I’ve ever known) was watching a small, portable television. He made the comment that something had happened to one of the towers at the WTC and we all thought he was making s**t up. He turned the screen around and we saw the tower burning. At just that time, the other aircraft hit the second tower. Shocked the holy hell out of all of us. Nothing else seemed to be happening so we all went back to work and the supervisor continued watching his TV. A bit later, we heard him say the first tower collapsed and again we thought he was full of it. As we all came over to his desk, he showed us the screen. We all just stood there not believing what we’d just seen. A short while later, the second tower collapsed and total shock set in. When the Pentagon was hit, we just couldn’t believe all this was happening. When I got home that afternoon, I turned on CNN and watched the coverage all over again and the news that yet another aircraft had gone down somewhere in Pennsylvania was broadcast. Then the theories of what was going on started coming out…
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I was 4 years old( yes, I can remember this) and I was sitting on my living room floor watching Barney when my mom came running in holding a phone in one hand and turning the channel with the other. I remember looking up in time to see the second plane hit the tower.
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was in a meeting with a large group of people, and everybody's pager started going off. Company's internal TV network had switched over to a live new feed. I was in a state of shock, and just wanted to keep working. Besides having a large pile of work to do, had gotten divorced a few months before that. Nobody to even go home to At one point one of the executives came by and literally ordered me to just go home.
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All contractors in the group I was in had been cut at work. Since I was a contractor, I found myself in the unusual position of needing to look for work. That happened on Monday. Tuesday morning, I sent out my resume and cover letters early. Then I flipped on the TV about 9:00.

I remember what I was wearing, what the layout of the living room furniture was at that time, who was over at the house throughout the day and what they's all crystal clear.

People say "never forget" but I don't go a day without remembering. And I didn't have a direct personal loss in that tragedy. I laugh a lot and have a good time as often as I can, but I don't push that event out of my head.
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I was at jury duty, first time in my life. We got herded into a court room and the Judge said,"If anyone is too distraught about what's happened in New York, you can be excused". I'm saying wtf? New York? What? A guy told me and I didn't believe it. Hunters were stranded in the bush for a week because of the no-fly thing.
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I was new to the programming team here at work, and clearly remember our admin lady telling us to come tot he conference room - the reports of the first crash were on TV. We thought it a horrible 'accident'...... then the second hit! We KNEW it was NO accident! Soon, the Pentagon took it's hit.
A coworker insisted we needed to leave.... "NOW!"
Shortly all State offices were closed - we are in the second tallest building in town. We were in the lower basement then. We all were cut loose to go home. There I continued to watch the telly, and getting my preps checked - JIC!

Now, ten years later, after my team being moved to two other floors, we are back in the lower basement, I am in a cubicle near where I started. Coming back to it, one of my first 'memories' was that fateful day ten years ago.......
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I was supposed to be in class learning about automotive suspensions but i had stayed up a bit late and had a few too many the night before. Woke up around 8:45, looked at my alarm clock and said "sh*t". I was hungry so i went into the kitchen and started making some breakfast meanwhile flipping on the tv.... instantly the images i saw were burned into my brain til the day i die. When i first turned on the teli, it was in the "accident" phase as it was shortly after the first tower had been hit. Needless to say no breakfast was completed til about two hours later... I just froze up and watched in awe as the events unfolded. I remember i kept asking myself "am i awake, is this real, did i get into some nasty drugs last night, etc" because i just couldn't believe what i was seeing it was like a really really bad "hollywood movie". Once i finally overcame my disbelief, i remember i felt soooo many different feelings all at once. Sadness, worry, anger, frustration, confusion, you get the idea. To this day, anytime i see footage of the planes hitting or the towers collapsing, i can't help but cringe as i realize that i'm watching those folks die over and over again...sure you can't ACTUALLY see them (minus the footage of the falling/jumping people) but you just know that you're watching peoples loved ones lose their lives..

Later on when they started to get their stories straight i couldn't help but think to myself, the governments arrogance strikes yet again. All the warning signs they saw but failed to follow up on because they felt "it was not possible"... did they not learn from Pearl Harbor.. Anyways it happened and i couldn't possibly forget even if i wanted to..

R.I.P to FDNY's 343 brothers, NYPD's 23 brave officers, Port Authorities 37 brave officers, 8 private EMT/Paramedics, 55 Military personnel, and the 2,511 civilians who perished during the cowardly attacks that day.

To the 19 cowards, i wish you no peace and i hope you forever burn for your cowardly actions. You succeeded in taking many lives but failed in destroying America and the American spirit.... a**holes.
"If guns kill people then does that mean the spoon is the reason Rosie O'Donnell is fat"

"Guns don't kill people.......People kill people"
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The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
- Thomas Jefferson
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