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Smoke Talker 05-18-2012 07:27 PM

I'm Duke "Smoke Talker" Paulsen. I'm involved with 1800's re-enactments. Usually 1830's Mountain Man & 1870-90"s Western Gunfighter. I'm also the Web Master for a site that caters to the re-enactment community (see below).

Yes, re-enactments do shoot "blank, parade-loads or 'SASS' rounds." However, the 'blank," still REAL guns & rifles, capable of firing "live" ammunition, are used for these re-enactments.

It bothers me somewhat (perhaps should be more-so) that the Govn't. (BATF et al) wants to restrict ALL weaponry use. Without weapons, re-enacting Western Gunfighters would not be . . .

Re-Enactments do have a TRUE educational value. If our re-enactment weapons are not allowed for such use, Historical re-enactors will have lost a highly valuable teaching aid.

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