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Vikingdad 06-14-2012 04:03 AM

How Many Of You From Santa Clara County?
How many of you CA members are living in Santa Clara County? If there are any of you out there, are any of you interested in replacing Laurie Smith as Sheriff of Santa Clara County?

Popgun 06-17-2012 04:37 PM

Hi Viking,

I live in the Willow Glen district of San Jose not too far from you. I always thought Laura Smith was ok but truthfully, I haven't looked that close into her political beliefs. Up until last year we lived for 40 years in an un-incorporated "island" of county; county sheriffs seemed to do a good job for us when we needed them to respond to something. If I had MY choice for Sheriff, it would be a brave, strict Constitutionalist but, considering the soup of mush-headed liberals that live around me... you get the point.

What are your concerns about Laura Smith, Viking?


PS Are you a Norse, Dane, Swede? I'm half Norwegian from the area of Sogn.

Vikingdad 06-17-2012 05:58 PM

I worked on Richard Calderon's unsuccessful campaign against Laurie (not Laura) Smith in 2010. There was another candidate, Martin Monica.

I own several businesses in SCC and have lone had a legitimate need for a CCW here as I travel between locations, among other reasons. On that subject alone there is much to be said, but there was a remarkably good article from the Mercury News on the topic back in November/December, but for some reason I cannot seem to find it any more (I'll give you one guess as to why).

I got a call from Richard the other day which prompted my post. Unfortunately he was not gearing up for another run in 2014 as I was hoping.

I live in unincorporated SCC (have for most of my life) and there are countless examples that I can relate as to the lack of strong leadership in the SO. You might be familiar with the DeAnza Rape case. They failed to prosecute that case because the SO did not respond to the scene of the crime until over 24 hours after the crime was reported, which was plenty of time for the accused men to clean up the scene of the crime and remove all evidence.

The recent Sierra LaMar case is another where the SO has screwed up, probably least importantly when Smith announced there were 63 missing teenage girls on the books in Santa Clara County, which is a gross exaggeration from reality as was later revealed.

Anyhow, It is a moot point if there is no qualified contender in the pipeline. I do know that Pete Constant is eyeing the position, and Smith has had talks with him regarding a plan that would place him in the catbird seat for the office. Unfortunately Constant is no more qualified than Smith, and perhaps less so given the fact that he is currently drawing 100% disability from injuries he suffered as a San Jose officer. The Sheriff must not (by law) have any disability that would prevent them from carrying out the full duties as a Deputy.

Anyhow, I have gone on long enough, and as I said it is a moot point.

I am Danish, Norwegian and Dutch/German. Hence my handle.

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