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California Gun Owners-Read This

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Hunting and Sporting are not the primary purpose of the 2nd Ammendment either. It is to defend the people against other people. If the people's arms get dumbed down enough, they can no longer serve the purpose intended.
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I would not care if AK's were banned in California.
Thats exactly how it starts.

First this, then that, and one day you wake up and dont have squat.
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The purplse of the second amendment is to defend the people from the government. The well regulated militia IS the people, the "free state" is the state people are in when the government fears them. We no longe r live in a free state, becuase the governemnt determines who can own arms.
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Originally Posted by Shoobee View Post
Gents, our problem in California is somewhat different than other places in the USA.

First, gun ownership here is in the minority. Only about 1/4th of households in California contain a firearm.

It is not like in Wyo, Alak, Mont, SD, WV, Miss, Ida, Ark, Ala, or ND where the ownership is over 50%.

It is not even like Ky, Wisc, La, Tenn, Ut, Okla, Io, SC, Kan, Vt, Minn, NC, Me, Ga, or Ore where it is at least in the 40s.

So as an overwhelmingly small minority in California, the gun owners actually need to worry about their public image, act responsibly, and appear to be reasonable.

We cannot get away with shooting anything that moves here. 75% of the people who live here do not like to hear about shooting everything that moves. The majority here will tolerate hunting for meat. They will not tolerate shooting everything that moves.

We also cannot get away with owning things that are associated with mass and spree killings of people either. The AK's are not looked upon with much tolerance here.

Fortunately nobody is against people owning revolvers, and pistols, and scoped hunting rifles, and shotguns.

I cannot imagine any state banning all firearms. I do not believe that is even possible.

But the only thing I can imagine that would propell the non-gun-owning majority in California in that direction would be the AK's.

I would not care if AK's were banned in California.

What you think or "feel" doesn't matter, what most Kalifornians think of feel doesn't matter, what I think or feel doesn't matter... except if it matches-up with, doesn't violate, contradict, nor impede what our founding Fathers wrote down in our Constitution; as interpreted by them!

To be an "American" is not defined as someone who lives here or is born here. It is someone who loves the Constitution this country is based on. Those who do things contrary to our Constitution and those who support them by vote or ambivalence...

Let each person judge.
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I remember the sks "paratrooper" model(uses AK detachable magazines) was sold then made illegal after the fact.

If you continue to reside there, it will get worse.

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I agree everyone should call, write, email and try to get this stopped. Like said before this is the road to divide and conquer. Tell your legislators we already have too many gun laws. Remind them that it is not the law abiding citizen that this sort of law will hurt that they need to worry about. And no law will change the weapons or methods that the drug dealer, gang members, or any other criminals will use. The criminals are criminals already because they scoff at any law already, creating more laws will have no effect. If they put as much time, effort, any money in catching and properly dealing with these scumbags we will all be better. If they further restrictions on law abiding citizens they are just added to the criminals stronghold.
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I'm a new gun enthusiast/long time CA resident. It's kinda annoying that my new hobby is not well regarded in this state and it leaves me with a lot of questions.

What is this bullet button technology? I know from experience with my friends firearms the button to remove the magazine is shielded and prevents thumb depression. Is it this or something else?
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CA is actually filled with gun enthusiasts, but we just have a legislature that sucks balls.

Bullet buttons are a generic term used to describe a part that requires a tool to remove a magazine, rather than just using your finger.


"Obama has ordered the launching of more Tomahawk cruise missiles than All the other Nobel Peace Prize winners combined."
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I live in KY. Ya can own a full auto. But ya gotta pay for the license (its quite expensive) Then ya gotta buy the gun
(also very expensive) I'm guessing $10,000 will get ya what ya need.
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Lets see, the Chinese does not like American gun ownership, the Chinese has a lot of interest in California, the Chinese owns a lot of businesses in California, the Chinese yen is supporting California's political policy. Is not Yee Chinese? Whoda thought Yee would push gun legislation? Stop his madness and vote him out...
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