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bigdean65 05-22-2013 09:11 PM

Civil War History In your family
How many here know some history about their family during the Civil War?

Doesn't matter what side Blue or Gray, we are all friends here! ;)

I will start it off...

My Great-Great Grandfather Harvey Jasper Laughlin was a Sergeant in the Confederacy along with his brother George. They were both in the 3rd Missouri Calvary, Regiment I. His name appears on the Pea Ridge Civil War Memorial in Arkansas.

Dearhunter 05-22-2013 11:48 PM

Are y'all talkin about the war of northern agression??:)

bigdean65 05-23-2013 01:11 AM


Originally Posted by Dearhunter (Post 1255228)
Are y'all talkin about the war of northern agression??:)

Yep... That is the one! LOL

alsaqr 05-23-2013 01:19 PM

Three of my Great Grandfathers from VA/WV fought in the Civil War. All were Confederates. The Great Grandfather whose last name i bear was a stone cold killer. Three of his brothers were killed in the war and a fourth (civilian) starved to death after being interned in the federal prison camp at Camp Chase, OH. The captain of the federal home guard in Barbour county, WV was one Michael J. Haller. Haller was infamous for sending innocent civilians off to federal prison. Just after the end of the war some of the old Confederates, including my Great Grandfather, caused a ruckus to draw out the Barbour home guard. Captain Michael Haller was killed.

i have an archive copy of the WV home guard letter announcing the death of captain Michael J. Haller but can't get it on the web here.

trip286 05-23-2013 01:37 PM

A relative of mine from Georgia led an average soldier's service for the South. He served with neither extraordinary distinction nor dishonor. Started out as a basic private, and was promoted to corporal before finally walking home after the war (I think from Virginia).

Ironically, according to family history, he had a harder time getting home, than he had fighting in the war. He mostly was fighting disease and infection from multiple injuries sustained in battle, not to mention the crippling effect of a leg wound from a northern saber.

All in all, no great extraordinary story. He made it home, taking nearly a year, recovered for a while, and went back to his quiet life on the farm.

His brother (my great grandfather), who was much younger than him (this great grand uncle was in his twenties during the war, great grandfather was 10 when his older brother left home), later left the Georgia homestead for Mississippi, where he continued sharecropping for a while, until he was one of the few who actually made a profit taking on that challenge of legal white slavery, and eventually bought a 5 acre plot that he farmed himself, adding acreage with his profits until he had a couple sections to pass down through the family.

Now a coal mine has dug it all up, but my mother's family gets to bid on it all (the money is already in an account) when the coal is depleted, with a mutual understanding amongst the locals that no one will bid against any land that's originally family owned. And outsiders who try, will be dealt with accordingly.

A little beyond civil war, sorry, but it seemed pertinent at the moment.

rachilders 05-23-2013 02:12 PM

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My fathers family also came from Georgia (the Atlanta area) and had pretty much the same life as the earlier poster. Most of my dads family still live there. I remember visiting my great-grand mother there in the 1950's. She was in her 90's by then but still remembered seeing Sherman's army as a small girl when they marched through the Atlanta area. My father moved to Charlotte, NC after WWII, met my mother and they lived there the rest of their lives.

My mothers family has lived in the Charlotte area since the 1700's, fought in the Revolutionary war and for the south during the Civil War. My great-great-grand mother was married to a colonel who was killed during the war. After the war was over she married his brother and they raised a family. FWIW she had children by both men and since the fathers were brothers, the children had the same last name and relatives. That also made them not just bro/sis but cousins as well. Gives a whole new meaning to "keeping it all in the family." As a side note, when she died, my GGGM was buried next to the first husband. My brother and two sisters still live in the Charlotte area as well as several of my adult children. The great-great-grandfather who died in the war is buried there along with my GGGM and the gravestones are still visible and readable.

bigdean65 05-23-2013 04:21 PM

I just love old family history like this. Great stuff!!! Thanks for the replies so far! :)

My Great-Great Grandfather's Father was killed by a Union bushwhacker... it is what made he and his brother sign up.

Bravo_Sixx 05-23-2013 04:57 PM

I have some history back to the 1600's but the Civil War I had a relative that fought along-side Nathan Bedford Forrest.

DrumJunkie 05-23-2013 04:59 PM

My Fathers side of the family was here before this was a country. It was said that when Daniel Boone come to the wild west of Ky they where to say get off my land!:eek: To this day there are a ton of people with my last name in East Ky. I don't know many of them but my name is a clan name so we are all supposed to be related somehow. I have met a few. It's real interesting to get the look that I"m an outsider but my name is well known.

AS to the war I honestly don't now if any served but I"m sure some did. It seems when my Dads Dad left that area for northern Ky there was not much if any contact wit hthe peopel in the east anymore. We're notorious for not getting along it seems as a family.:o WE did have family in WW1, WWII, and Korea. That goes back ot my grandfather, my Dad, and one uncle. Knowing my great grandfathers history though I'd say if we had family in the civil war they where with the south. My great grand dad would no tallow a black man to walk on th esame side of the street as him so it's kind of easy to make the assumption. But I have no hard evidence.

My Moths side go there just after the war so they had nothing to do wit hit.

bigdean65 05-23-2013 05:04 PM

Even farther on back in mine, I have some that fought in the Revolutionary War after they arrived in the America's in 1746. I have a copy of my GGGGrandfather's last will and testament. It is pretty interesting reading... he stated who was getting what slave and a little of everything. He received a large piece of land for his service fighting the British.

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