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scarletma 03-23-2013 08:53 PM

Fort Lauderdale 3-23
No shortage of guns, all at list and some discounts. However just when I thought ammunition prices were coming down I was proved wrong!
22lr cci 50r 15 bucks! 556 or 223 anywhere from a dollar a round to 70 cents. There seemed to be more of an urgency in the air to purchase ammunition even at these high prices. Not a lot of activity on long gun purchases and about normal sales on hand guns. Magazines seemed to be fairly stable on all types. This was the first day of the sale (one was held last month)

armed1212 03-24-2013 12:42 AM

wat store or location was this. i leave in da area?

scarletma 03-24-2013 02:44 PM

This post is on the Fort Lauderdale Sun Coast show held Saturday and Sunday. If you walk in and go down the stairs make a left and go all the way back to the wall small dealer has quite a bit of 22lr he had bulk boxes listed at prices above. The BIG ammo dealer on his right a few feet back (takes an entire aisle has the CCI. Many tables have 223, 556 and 9mm plus you have north GA. arms reloader there. He has tons of high quality reloads and NIB almost anything.
What surprises me the most was shot gun shells at 15 bucks for 5 in self defense loads. (War Memorial aud going on now.
Just left Walmart 30 minutes ago and they still have 380 and a few 308. Manager who is a great guy stated they do not know which truck has the ammunition and it can be more than one in one day. However only after it is unloaded and secured do they get notified to put it out.
I missed the huge Saturday shipment to get 22lr but they had lots of ones I do not shoot such as 45. I actually looked at new 380's yesterday at the show to see if I could find one I would like to shoot for range work, but at the cost of 380 over 9's I was not excited. 380 has been available at least twice a week at the Walmart noninflated price
I check a few Walmarts every week since I pass by so many of them here.

armed1212 03-26-2013 02:04 AM

I've been look local to, no luck in a while. :\

scarletma 03-28-2013 01:30 AM


Originally Posted by armed1212 (Post 1190688)
I've been look local to, no luck in a while. :\

There is a new branch of "SHOOT STRAIGHT" that opened in Davie/Fort Lauderdale on sr7 and 595 huge store with any gun, 20 lane range and lots of ammunition. Was in there today and they have a shelf full of 22lr 525 round boxes for I think it was 60 bucks, A shelf full of 00 buck 12 ga several brands about a buck a round. Shelves were stocked full behind counters on.
When you shoot there the range master told me they get 9mm and 22 in twice a week and usually have it but today was low stock. (shelves in middle of store had tons of 22 at above price.
The Sun Coast show prices were the same on reloads and lots of good quality. but 22lr was still above normal pricing but good supplies.

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