The New Beretta BU9 Nano - notdku - 3-1070.jpg
The New Beretta BU9 Nano
Whenever I decide it's time to purchase a new firearm, the first step in the process of deciding what to buy is usually its planne ...
Baofeng Dual Band
Transceiv... - notdku - 5r-display-997.jpg
Baofeng Dual Band Transceiv...
MindsetMy recent purchase of the Baofeng UV5R+ Dual Band Transceiver was twofold; 1. Given my interest in ham radio, I wanted to p ...
Accidental Discharge - Shooter - photo23-844.jpg
Accidental Discharge
They say it eventually happens to everyone. The only hope being that, when it does, nobody gets hurt. I am speaking about an accid ...

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