Zero Tolerance On Toy Guns

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Growing up as a little boy, I grew up with toy guns. Now, the mere mention of a toy gun, drawing of a gun, or even a youngster using their finger and thumb in a 'gun motion' is suddenly wrong. Increasingly this is the new normal.

Suspensions over toys

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So your teacher says you can bring brightly colored plastic nerf guns that fired plastic/foam rubber darts to school. Only when you do, you are suspended because it violated the school's zero tolerance policy on having weapons.

This is a slap on the wrist compared to what happened to an 8-year old boy who chewed his pop tart into the shape of a pistol and was promptly run out of school for it. Another eight year old in Virginia was threatened with suspension after using a gun fashioned from his thumb and index finger.

When I was a kid, if you brought a nerf gun to school the teacher kept it in their desk drawer until the end of the school year, and we wished we had pop tarts. It was still impolite to point though.

(Kids cannot even fire bb guns until 18 in Columbus, Ohio. This law even makes it illegal to own a toy gun on threat of a $150 fine)

Gun Doodles

When a four-year-old girl drew a picture of a gun-like object on a piece of paper at school, her father was arrested. "I'm picking up my kids and then, next thing you know, I'm locked up," said Jessie Sansone, a 26-year old law abiding citizen to the news media. Police said there was a complaint from Forest Hills public school that "a firearm was in a residence and children had access to it. We had every concern, based on this information, that children were in danger."

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In a similar story, a high school student in Arizona was suspended from school when teachers saw that he had a desktop background on his school issued computer that had an image of an AK-47.

One 11-year old California youngster is making a small fortune selling art in New York City that deals with guns. The budding artist, Charles Gitnick, "wraps toy guns in multicolored tape and then splatters the canvases with paint." While he states that he feels guns should just be in art galleries, at least no one is disciplining him for handling them.

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(Growing up as a kid just twenty years ago, things were much different-- and in many cases way cooler)

Ending Toy Guns

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(Groups like No Toy promote 'Young Peacemaker' awards to kids who do not play with toy guns)

When I was a child, I had an arsenal of silver cap guns that looked like Colt Single Actions, green water pistols that Flash Gordon could have identified with, a bolt-action wooden stocked toy that clicked when I pulled the faux trigger, and a plastic M16 that rattled back and forth on battery power. Well these are on their way out it seems.

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In India, there have been large public bonfires of toy guns

Increasingly pressure is being brought to bear on these toys themselves. Not only are fewer models being carried, but also those that are out there are increasingly being targeted as being evil. Recently a San Francisco area elementary school had a 'toy gun buyback' in which 75 youngsters brought their plastic gatts in for prizes and a shot (no pun intended) at a new bike. These buybacks are spreading.

Your thoughts below please...

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July 21, 2013  •  11:07 AM
kids play. kids play cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, good guy,

bad guy and other games. why can a child not point his finger and go

"bang" but the indian can use an imaginary bow and arrow to shoot at a

play enemy?
maybe in addition to teaching children proper firearms safety, parents

need some education too.

Maybe if these same so called responsible people would pay as much

attention to violent animal attacks, such as pit bulls, (which appened

to my wife not long ago), or even drunk drivers which kill more people

every day than any amount of gun violence, or heaven forbid actually

teaching they're children right from wrong and spending quality time

with them. Parents need to quit blaming others for they're lack of

proper teaching children responsibility, and expecting schools and

society to take care of children when its the parents job.
August 2, 2013  •  01:36 PM
1. I cant believe those morons thought the gun on the bottom was real in the video, the glock on the top is obviously real.
2. Now they are brainwashing kids that guns are bad. Hey liberals!I thought you said we should be open minded and let people form their own opinions?
August 12, 2013  •  06:13 PM
I can see the point of the cops. First, they do not want to be shot. Second, they would not want to shot somebody waving a toy gun.(although if a person menacing a toy gun was shot, it might go a ways to raising the collective IQ of the country) They usually don't get the time that those people, who misjudged real from fake had, and if you met one in the dark it would be even harder,causing your concerns to go up. Please revisit first and second listed points of the cops. How many times did the people on the street identify the toy as a toy gun, but were edited out in the interest of time constraints of a news piece to fit between commercials? I am not for the banning of toy or other guns at all, but I think the news story in this clip was by a news department who on other days promotes the banning of guns, and draws no differences between the two, and uses the issues of a police officer to sell their agenda.
August 20, 2013  •  11:31 AM
We should be open minded and let people form their own opinion of items on the liberal agenda.
August 21, 2013  •  05:27 PM
Ignorance can be cured through education. There is no cure for stupidity.