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FirearmsTalk is actively looking for writers to both develop and write articles on the firearm industry and culture. We have very broad topic guidelines so writers are free to explore a wide variety of topics as it relates to firearms.

FirearmsTalk.com is a high traffic firearm oriented website. We have a reach of 275,000 unique firearms enthusiast monthly. In addition to our daily visitors, we have a growing e-mail newsletter list as well as RSS feed. For third party resources we strategically use social networking options like Facebook and Twitter to distribute the article notices.

FirearmsTalk.com is a perfect place to get your articles noticed and have the instant audience to share your knowledge, information and news.

If you are interested in submitting articles please contact us:
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December 28, 2011  •  07:11 PM
I would be interested in writing for the Forum or any articles for the site
January 25, 2012  •  08:21 PM
Now that I have retired, I would be interested.