Wolf 7.62x39

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Manufacturer - Wolf

WOLF 7.62x39mm 154gr. Soft Point that offers improved accuracy over the standard 122gr. projectile.

Grains: 154
Jacket: Bimetal or Copper
Type: SP
Primer: Berdan
Muzzle Velocity: (ft/sec): 2104
Energy (FPE): 1514.1

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May 14, 2007  •  10:40 AM
Early Wolf was plagued with "fouling" related to the ammunition coating. Since 2005, the ammo is coated with a polymer that seems to have resolved this problem ( in fairness, I never experienced ANY problems with Wolf anmmo EVER). Relatively low cost, well made and fun to shoot.

Price Payed: $0.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: Functions flawlessly, very good pricing
Cons: Some feel it's "dirty"; steel cases NOT reloadable.
May 20, 2007  •  08:56 AM
I've found that for a few of my guns,this is great range ammo.it is cheap and fairly consistant on the paper.it is a little more dirty in the barrel after shooting,but you strip and clean after shooting anyways,or at least you should...

Price Payed: $0.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: price,quality
Cons: slightly dirty to shoot,residue
May 29, 2007  •  04:47 PM
This ammo is okay for shooting cans or other things like that if you just want to save a few bucks. Otherwise look somewhere else. You can see when the cartridge ejects that it does so with much less force then other ammo, It didn't cycle well in my guns which are cleaned and oiled after every shooting.

Price Payed: $0.00
Recommended? No
Pros: Cheap
Cons: Dirty, cycles poorly