What is a Ghost Gun anyway and why does it matter?

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For the past few months one California state senator with ambitions to a greater political future has been pushing a piece of legislation that would heavily regulate what he calls "ghost guns." Home-assembled guns with '30 magazine clips' that he insists are being used by criminals to skirt California's laws on so called 'assault weapons.' Yeah, about that...

Meet Mr. De Leon

According to his Wiki page, "Kevin de Len is a Democratic member of the California State Senate, elected to serve Los Angeles County's 22nd Senatorial district in November 2010. The district includes Downtown Los Angeles, East Hollywood, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Mt. Washington, Lincoln Heights, South Los Angeles, the Cities of Alhambra, South Pasadena, San Marino, Vernon and Maywood, and unincorporated portions of Los Angeles County. "

Prior to his entry into politics, he was a teacher. He has always been a proponent of gun control and wrote California Assembly Bill 962 (2009), which would have made it impossible to buy ammo online in the state. This law was later found to be unconstitutional and was suspended.

SB808: The Ghost Gun BILL!

His latest bill, SB808, commencing January 1, 2016 would make it illegal for anyone in California to assemble or manufacture a gun in the state without first applying to the state Department of Justice for a unique serial number or other identifying mark, as provided. Then of course would come a defacto registry of the gun, as well as a screening and background check, coupled with the possibility of DOJ inspections of your home for compliance.

Currently it is legal in California, as in other states, to build a firearm provided it doesn't violate the National Firearms Act of 1934 (short barreled rifle, suppressor, sawn off shotgun, select-fire, etc.) and the builder can otherwise own a firearm. However, this has De Leon upset and he maintains that these guns can be built by the common criminal for criminal deeds.

The wording of the law in very vague and some parts can be taken as requiring even black powder and air-powered homemade guns as falling under the provisions (""firearm" means a device, designed to be used as a weapon, from which is expelled through a barrel, a projectile by the force of an explosion or other form of combustion") as well as possibly being retroactive to 1968 ("Section 29180 does not apply to or affect any of the following: A firearm made or assembled prior to December 16, 1968") as well as other plodding legal problems.

De Leon obviously knows a lot about these guns. Just see:

"This is a ghost gun. This right here has [sic] ability, with a thirty-caliber clip, to disperse thirty bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip... in half a second."

So what is a Ghost gun?

Well, to make sure you are good with what these things are, we went on a search.

First option: The Hasbro 1976 Ghost Gun and Moving Monster Gun

These things had an illuminated target created by on onboard flashlight that the youngster would fire at. Now nothing actually came out, the monsters were on a roll inside the gun that moved through a wind-up system, but it sure looks fun.

Then there is the Aero Precision stripped lower:

...However, Aero made these *after* De Leon's now infamous viral video, so they cannot be what he was talking about. Unless Aero Precision went back in time and let him know about the lowers as the best advertising possible. Everyone wants something that is going to be banned right? Pretty sneaky Aero Precision, pretty sneaky.

We found this in Breach Bang Clear:

...And aren't 100% sure on it...could a ghost actually hold a gun????

Finally, we have the Proton Pack, which is good when you consider the image above!

....Remember, don't cross the streams!

No really, what IS a ghost gun?

To tell you the truth, the best we can figure is that De Leon is classifying the possibility of 3D printed guns like Cody Wilson's Liberator and Solid Metal Concepts 1911 as well as partially finished ('80%') AR lowers as guns that need further regulation.

De Leon's bill passed the California Senate on January 30, by a vote of 22:10 with all of the lawmaking body's Republican senators either voting against or missing the roll call. Interestingly enough one California state senate Dem, Lou Correa, went against the party's direction and voted against the Ghost Gun bill.

Thanks, Lou!

It still has to face the State Assembly and be signed by the Governor.

If you live in California and have your own feelings on Ghost Guns, call and reach out to your local politicians so they know what they are.

Hopefully they aren't as afraid of 30 magazine clips as some folks.

... in half a second

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February 18, 2014  •  10:34 AM
Awesome Article Chris.
February 19, 2014  •  11:25 PM
I know we would be afraid to know what actually goes on in the mind of such an individual. This ignorant rant would be laughably funny if it weren't so tragically dangerous. Some people actually believe this drivel and seek to act on it. God help us all.