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We recently acquired a Walther p22, I was a bit concerned about it from what I had read on the internet but knew to take that with a grain of salt. After firing around 250 rounds through it, it hasn't had a single failure to feed or malfunction in any shape, form, or fashion.

When you open the box it comes with various items:

  • Walther P22
  • 1 magazine (10 round capacity)
  • Manuals
  • Additional backstrap of different size
  • 3 aditional front sights, 2 of different heights than what comes on the pistol and 1 that when installed is flush with the slide
  • A small wrench for disassembling
  • A plastic rod to aid in reassembling (keeps one of the springs from moving while you put it together)
  • A gun lock
  • And where I got it from it also came with 1 fired case as "proof of function" but that is just a store specific thing I think.

The pistol is pretty small and lightweight but does not feel "cheap" in the hand. It has a length of 6.3 inches and weighs just under a pound unloaded. The P22 is extremely similar to the P99 but it is 25% smaller, and it is DA/SA where as the P99 is striker fired. So if you have a P99 and want something cheaper to practice with the P22 would be a good candidate. Also because of its size and weight the P22 actually has a bit of recoil to it which, IMO, makes it more fun to shoot.

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If you have bigger hands, like me, it is a bit small for what I would want in a plinker gun, but for someone who wants to carry it, it is a very concealable size. The front of the trigger guard has serrations and is concave to allow you to put your index finger of your weak hand on the trigger guard. Speaking of weak hand, every single control on this pistol is ambidextrous except for the slide release. The safety is a lever that goes up for fire and down for safe. I have mixed feelings about the safety, there is a very tactile response to engaging the safety but it seems to me like it should go down for fire and up for safe, that's just personal preference though. The safety doesn't stop the trigger from being pulled and dropping the hammer, instead it moves a steel block between the firing pin and the hammer, which I like because you can dry fire it and not worry about damaging the firing pin as long as you have the safety on.

The magazine release is on the trigger guard and is a lever instead of a button. It is a bit difficult to get to with big hands and your fingers get in the way of it going all the way down if you aren't careful. I would prefer a standard button mag release like on a 1911 or something, but for people with smaller hands the mag release it has on it works great.

The slide release is the standard style, a little piece of metal that you press to release the slide. It is kind of stiff to work but I suspect with use it will become easier. However, when the magazine is in, but is empty, and the slide is locked back, it is very difficult to release the slide, sometimes taking both thumbs.

This pistol also has a magazine disconnect, which I'm sure there are people out there who like that, but I absolutely despise magazine disconnects.

Now for the good stuff.

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The P22 was sighted it perfect right out of the box. This was the best 5 shot group I could achieve from 15 yards in a weaver stance. I feel like that flyer was my fault (there are 4 holes in that little cluster, though its hard to see in the picture). I am very impressed with the P22's accuracy and it can definitely out shoot me, which is all I ask for out of any firearm I own. There is also a target barrel available that is 5 inches long, the standard barrel is 3.4 inches long.

The reliability so far has been impeccable on this little pistol. I have fired around 250 rounds through it, a mixture of CCI's Mini-mag (both round nose and hollow point) and Velocitor and it has functioned flawlessly. I performed a function test and dumped the mag as fast as I could and still could not get it to fail. I have yet to run any bulk ammo through it but when I get the opportunity I will post up here how they perform in it.

One thing I almost forgot, as you can see in some of the pictures it has a rail on the bottom towards the front of the pistol, there are models available that come with a laser sight, but you could put a flashlight on it as well (or a bayonet i guess if you wanted).

Over all I think this is a very fine piece of equipment and if it was all I had or all I could handle I would definitely trust my life to its reliability. It is very accurate and a steal at ~$350. I think it would be a very fun addition to anyone's arsenal and at the very least makes a great plinking gun.

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Next time I go squirrel hunting it is definitely coming with me.

I hope this was helpful and informative and this is my first review of any firearm so if I left something out or whatever let me know. Enjoy.

Edit: I forgot two things.

Trigger: The trigger, when firing double action, is pretty heavy and a little bit creepy at 12lb's. However when firing single action it is much better with almost no creep and I guesstimate it to be about 6lb's.

Sights: The front sight comes with 3 replacements (so you have 4 different front sights total) and the rear sight is adjustable. They stand up high and are very clear even in dusk conditions. I stuck it in my pocket and pulled it out quickly a few times and the sights did not hang up on my pocket at all.

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December 22, 2011  •  01:28 PM
The newer ones must be much better. Mine is not very accurate at all and shoots low, even with the shortest front sight. It is extremely reliable, for a .22lr. It is compact but still comfortable in the hand. It is easy to suppress and quiet. Still, I like my Mk II A LOT more.
December 22, 2011  •  07:34 PM
Wife has one and she loves her's the only ammo that will fire good in the P22 is CCI Ammo all the others on the market just wont work as well as CCI, I enjoy shooting it as well..
December 25, 2011  •  09:24 AM
I just bought one for my wife and we hit the range. I'm not happy to report the pistol did not send one round down range. This is new just out of the box, which included one empty shell this pistol shot in a brown envelope. Looking closer at it, it is not even hitting the shell.

If anyone as any info on this, please share. I will contact the manufacture once I'm back from Christmas.
December 28, 2011  •  12:43 PM
@Catv785 we had a similar situation with ours...the pin seamed to be hitting the far edge of the case and not firing the round...This would happen about twice per clip...I cleaned her of all factory lube and switched to CCI rounds for about 250 rounds and now back to cheap federal rounds and shes fine. They seam to have a break in period in which u need to use better ammo. So try cleaning her and change the CCI for a couple hundred rounds and u should be ok.-Adam
January 3, 2012  •  08:05 AM
Thanks Adam. I also went through the pistol cleaned/lubed it up and worked the firing pin. We loaded the CCI ammo that I first bought for the gun and it did not fire. Then I loaded America Eagle ammo which fired.
The clip holds 10 rounds and the pistol would miss pushing the next round out of the clip and into the barrel for the 1st 4 rounds. The more we fired it, the better it loaded.
We went back to the CCI ammo and the pistol shoot them just fine. We are cleaning it up and going back out later today. Thanks