Twelve Gauge Flower Power

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These days there are tons of shotgun shell makers who are producing gimmick shells. You can fill your favorite burner with Dragons Breath, bolo shot, flechette rounds, rubber bullets, and even Vienna sausages. Well a new startup company has something you may not have on your shelf: a shell loaded with flower seeds.

Wait, what?

A Swedish artist by the name of Per Cromwell has come up with a shotgun shell that, when fired, results in planting wild flowers. The reduced load "Flower Shell" is filled with 12 different types of wild flower seeds including cornflower, daisy, sunflower, clemayis, lavender, sweet pea, lupine, carnation, peony and 'a collection of meadow flowers'.

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According to his website "From early on I liked gardens more than gardening. Hour and hours of weeding, seeding, and cutting and all I could think of was, how could this be made more fun? One day when seeding some meadow flowers it struck me, this could be made much easier, faster, better using a shotgun. Said and done, soon I had emptied a shotgun shell of led and filled it with flower seeds. I reduced the amount of gunpowder and when at it, designed a logo. People where laughing at my idea, the seeds will be crushed, they will go to deep, it will never work they said. Even my friends were skeptical, why would anyone want this they asked. This only made me more motivated, I tested different seeds, different ways of closing the shell after modification, different amount of gunpowder, different angels of firing and different guns.

Walking through a field of meadow flowers, cornflowers, daisies, and poppies an early summer Sunday morning made me realize this was working. This flourishing field was my creation; it was all done with 142 shotgun shells. Finally, I've cracked it, I was done. It worked."

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Will it actually work?

As we have seen in the past, almost any shotgun shell still loaded with propellant can cause damage. In 2006 a company called Season Shot started selling shells that had (besides actual shot) meat tenderizer and spices to go ahead and get your game on the way to being marinated before you even left the woods. Back in the old days lawmen often crammed coins into their black-powder shotguns to give bad guys a literal 'change of heart'. So with all that being said, these flower power shot shells are most likely still dangerous if used against targets at close range. Whether or not they will result in an outbreak of wild flowers at your local dove field or clay pigeons course remains to be seen.

How to get your own

So now that we have your attention, the company isn't set up to start sending out shells today. It's only an Indieagogo crowd-funder at this point. Still, it's an interesting idea. Sure, it has hippy, peace and love written all over it, but they could prove interesting if they work.

We intend to get a box if they ever start shipping and follow up. Stay tuned.

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