The Saga of the Zimmerman Gun

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When George Zimmerman fired that fateful shot in 2012, his handgun was taken into police custody for evidence until he was cleared of any potential charges. Now, with a murder trial behind him, his gun is still in limbo. This has led many to come to Zimmerman's aid in finding new hardware.

The infamous Kel Tec

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Mr. Zimmerman's gun on the famous night was a Kel Tec PF-9, serial number RJY08. These handy little blowback DAO pistols, made in Cocoa Florida, are popular with CCW holders due to their inexpensive price ($300-ish new), small size (18-ounces loaded) and simple reliability. Customized with a slip-on grip enhancer and loaded with 115-grain Sellier and Belliot 9mm Luger ammo, it has been in custody of the Sanford Police for more than a year. It has been presented in court and tested forensically.

Property remains held

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Even though Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty and many speculated that he would be able to recover his pistol from the Sanford PD's property room, the US Department of Justice placed a hold on all of the evidence in the trial including the gun. This is while they carry out an investigation to see if Zimmerman may have broken federal laws to include possible civil rights allegations.

Author to the rescue

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Brad Thor, author of such high-paced political thrillers as Black List and Hidden Order, publicly offered to buy Zimmerman a new gun of his choice. Further infuriating the anti-gun crowd, Brad offered to do so in Chicago and present it to Zimm in person on TV. While you can argue that this can be seen as a writer who specializes in selling books to the Pro-2A demographic and therefore could be simple publicity, it's nonetheless seemingly sincere support for one person who has been victimized in the media and still has a valid right to self-protection. Now more than ever Mr. Zimmerman may need the use of a firearm, as he is the subject of repeated death threats.

Other groups have also stepped up to the plate, including the Ohio-based Buckeye Firearms, and have publicly offered to give Zimmerman something for his peace of mind.

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