The Great Equalizer, aka dont bring a stungun or fists to a gunfight

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This week has seen a few interesting cases of armed citizens having to take care of themselves against those who would chose to pick on persons they perceive to be an easy target. That's when the old saying attributed to Samuel Colt comes to mind about the gun (well specifically his gun) making all equal.


76-year old Charles "Red" Petit was walking down his carport in rural Lincolnville, South Carolina. According to the US Census Bureau, this town in Charleston County has but 1139 residents. Mr. Petit was minding his own business in his driveway at 6am when a man rushed him. His alleged assailant, 25-year old Robert "JoJo" Deziel, threatened Petit with a stun gun and intended to rob the senior.

That's when by all accounts Petit produced his .38 revolver and fired at the threat three times, killing him. (Remember Colt's quote?)

"These types of incidents are becoming prevalent in our community and requires town officials to take immediate actions and drastic measures to ensure our public safety," said Lincolnville Mayor Tyrone Aiken in an email statement to the Post Courier. "Town council members and I met with Charleston County Sheriff officials last week to discuss ways of increasing police protection. Hopefully, our plans will be initiated very soon and will deter these kinds of occurrences."

Note: Do not bring a battery powered bug zapper to a gun fight.


Also happening in South Carolina recently was the case of an unidentified 24-year old woman who fatally shot her estranged boyfriend during a domestic violence event earlier this month.

According to WISTV, the argument turned ugly fast.

"Our investigation indicates the man became angry when he located paperwork in the woman's purse from another jurisdiction where the man was listed as a suspect," said Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Leroy Ravenell, "When the couple started arguing, the woman wanted to make a call to have her mother pick her up but the man refused her access to the phone."

The sheriff says the woman made it out of the house to the yard, but the male dragged her back inside, then struck her on the head, threw her to the floor and then when the man's grandfather came to try and break it up, the woman grabbed a handgun and fired twice her assailant, killing him with a shot to the stomach.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office this week announced that no charges will be filed against the unidentified woman.

Note: Don't bring fists to a gunfight.

Also: remember your manners in South Carolina.

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