The 8x57mm Custom Mauser long-range rifle

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This is my custom-made single shot rifle for long range shooting. It can be used for hunting, but I didn't have the opportunity to do so now.

Let me introduce you to the parts used.

Action is taken from Yugo 48A military rifle (its similar to large ring Mauser98 rifle action, only a bit shorter). Of course, a lot of work has been done to it, to smooth everything out, as per numerous videos available on YouTube. Same work was done on the bolt, smoothing and lining up the lugs to lock on more than 90% of the surface.

Factory handle was sawed off, and a new custom made was welded to the body. I know, it could of been prettier, but for the first time, I find it quite beautiful. And useful also.

Mounting rail is made of cast iron, and fitted to the exact length of the action. Screwed and welded in place.

The barrel it was originally produced for the M53 machine gun the exact copy of the Nazi MG43. Luckily, the same 8mm Mauser caliber, so chambering was quite easy I just needed to make the headspace right, and it was done quite tight I have to fire form all my brass prior to reloading it.

To fit it to the action, first I had to make a 22x1mm collar (used a hex iron bar for it), tight it down really snug, and then thread the end to fit the standard large ring Mauser.
Front of the barrel, I had it threaded to 16x1, to accept a muzzle brake if needed (and I still didn't make one that suites my needs). Muzzle crown is done by 60 degree (I dint have a 79 degree) reamer, but from the groups I have gotten with it, it seems that this was a good idea at the time.

Trigger guard was made from the original lower plate of the M48A, cut to length, since I didn't need a magazine for this single shot project. That and the fact that it is hard to find a proper trigger guard locally. In front of the stock the large collar was made and press fitted into the stock, to hold the action firmly in place.

Trigger group I used the factory single stage hunting trigger, that is have tore apart, highly polished and chromed all internal parts. Replaced the spring that came along with it, and now is have a safe and predictable 0,5 kg pull trigger, that works like a dream.

Stock was also custom made, from walnut, fitted for me, and my left hand shooting style. I wasn't after the looks, but for the usability of it. Never the less, its odd looks suit this composition just fine, and has some nice achieved finish, using only dark shade of Schaftol oil.

Originally scope that was mounted on this was MTC Viper 8-32x60 with SCB reticle, but I have acquired a Hawke Sidewinder 30 SF 8-32x56 with Mil Dot 20X Reticle, and it's not mounted yet.

I have only one photo of the five shot group at 100 meters, since I didn't have the opportunity to try it at longer ranges for now.

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