Leaked: Taurus's secret new pistol, with a curve

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Brazilian bargain blaster powerhouse Taurus has cooked up something special for its legion of followers looking for something different in the handgun market. Moreover, unless the U.S. Patent office has been spoofed, this new Taurus has some very interesting curves.

Leaked: Taurus
As you can see, the new gun has some very interesting aspects to it. (Photo credit: U.S. Patent office)

The new Taurus Curve (based on the name scroll marked on the slide in patent drawings) was granted U.S. Patent number 008752322 on June 17th as a "Body Contoured Handgun."

The purpose of the design, filed nearly a year ago, is for a, "handgun curved to correspond more closely with the contours of a person's body, achieving a comfortable fit when the handgun is worn for any appreciable amount of time on the person's body."

The authors of the patent application point out that well over 99 percent of the time a concealable firearm is with a person, it is holstered against the person's body. The fact that the gun is strait and the person isn't, doesn't make for good carry ergonomics. The curvier a person is, the more uncomfortable the gun becomes. In the past, the way this was fixed was with holsters and just conditioning yourself to the discomfort of carrying a handgun.

Leaked: Taurus
Looking at the Curve from the front aspect. Note the on-board laser/light housing at the front of the frame. (Photo credit: U.S. Patent office)

Well the design of the new Taurus, so radical that it is now patented, changes the whole ballgame up by concaving the gun's grip inward, forcing it to better conform to the curve of a waist, or leg.

Leaked: Taurus
Rear of the new Taurus handgun. (Photo credit: U.S. Patent office)

The effect, when looked at the gun flat, seems something very like the Kimber pepper spray gun. However, it is very obvious when looking at some of the 31 patent drawings of the pistol that it will be, if put into production, obviously curved in grip but still placing the top half of the gun-- with the sights, slide and muzzle, in a traditional alignment to the shooter.

Things we noticed

A few neat things we noticed in the patent were the fact that the gun seems to come with an onboard lighting/laser options molded into the frame underneath the barrel assembly. Since no specs are listed, we cannot compare sizes of the gun to others on the market, however it would seem to be a foregone conclusion that it's a polymer-framed compact, or subcompact with a single-stack magazine.

Remember that since Taurus doesn't have any U.S. manufacturing facilities, they are bound by the Gun Control Act of 1968 to not make their guns 'too' small or else they would be restricted from import. With that being said, we are leaning more towards the 'compact' size by default.

Similarly, no caliber or chamberings are mentioned but, if the current market is any indicator of popularity, expect it in 9mm or .380ACP.

Leaked: Taurus
(Photo credit: U.S. Patent office)

And, yes, in a hattip to those who would rather carry a snubby wheel gun, Taurus included drawings of the same curved concept for what looks to be a .38/357 sized small frame revolver.

Until Taurus makes an official announcement and starts marketing these bad boys, you can download the 40-page patent here.

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July 4, 2014  •  09:10 AM
Except for southpaws like myself.
July 5, 2014  •  12:06 PM
Nice write-up !
July 20, 2014  •  06:27 PM
I believe Taurus manufactures their compact pistols here in the US, in Hialeah, Florida
September 1, 2014  •  11:46 AM
Does anyone know whether they will produce a left handed version?
November 20, 2014  •  09:30 AM
At least Taurus is showing us something new. When the .45/.410 Judge came, S&W followed with their own .45/.410 Governor. It seems Taurus is the one shaking up the market and S&W follows. Dont get me wrong, I am a S&w fan, but I would like something new from S&W for 2015 in the CCW area.