Taurus 617 .357 Mag.

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Manufacturer - Taurus

Full Magnum power in a lightweight Total Titanium revolver. The Model 617 is built to take the pressure of the widely used .357 Magnum, offering 7 rounds and still light enough to carry comfortably.Combine that with the Taurus Ribber Grip, and your practice sessions at the range will be more pleasant, even with this potent load. The Model 617 features the Taurus Security Sysytem, yoke detent and full length ejector rod.

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May 14, 2007  •  01:38 PM
Although I am a semi auto pistol fan, the 617 is a lot of gun for the money. I prefer a longer barrel, but then the concealability decreases and the wight increases. I have owned several Taurus firearms, but the 617 is one of my favorites. I never feel "under - gunned" with this pistol.

Price Payed: $0.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: A handful of power, reasonably concealable, 7 shots!
Cons: Excessive muzzle flash, heavy to carry
July 18, 2007  •  06:59 PM
I have the stainless steel model 617, which is heavier than the reviewed model, but absorbs recoil better because of the weight. Taurus makes a great product.

Price Payed: $0.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: Heavy hitter & very accurate. Natural pointer.
Cons: Difficult to find holsters would like to see front sight insert.
August 16, 2008  •  12:41 PM
i use mine for ccw when i'm not using my 651 a shrouded hammered .357 with crimson laser grips. My revolver is a "by myself" choice for ccw. When the wife is with me I go auto with my glock .27. I figure i've got to get her out of harms way before I can retreat to safety.

Price Payed: $0.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: 7 rounds of .357, same size as "j" framed 651, weight is simular to other steel revovlers
Cons: exposed hammer, revolvers are slower to reload and close range defense tool as most snubbies are, less "toys" to add and holsters and grips to choose from
September 29, 2009  •  08:30 PM
I bought the 617 to replace my 35 year old S&W 21/2" M-19. Single action trigger pull as good as any of the Smith's on shelf. Double action not as smooth, but it is starting to smooth out with firing.

The 617 is very easy to shoot with 158 Gr. + P .38 special loads. After 50 rounds 125 Gr .357 loads my hand and forearm were getting sore, but I will carry this load for S/D and feel well armed. After 10 rounds of 158 Gr. .357 I unloaded the last 4 and called it a day.

The 158 Gr. Speer .357 is the "real deal" load, the recoil was a full push back and did not raise my arms to any degree.

I highly recommend the Taurus 617, keeping in mind what is was designed and manufactured for.

Price Payed: $425.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: Price, seven (7) rounds, grips, S/S finish, and decent weight allows for C.C. yet helps hold down recoil .
Cons: It is not an Smith M 19.
October 23, 2009  •  07:44 AM
I like it and and keep it with me daily but . . . after less than 50 rounds of near max handloads, the face of the cylinder literally melted leaving deep burned gooves. I have shot over 500 of these same loads in a light weight steel .357 with no problem. Stay with 80% loads or less and it is not a problem. That's still way more than .38+P power. My particular gun shoots about 2" right and 3" high with all ammo at 15 yards. Much worse at farther but I really don't care about distances beyond that with a snubbie. The Ejector rod and the forward sideplate screw tend to come loose. If too loose, the gun will not function at all. In spite of these "negatives" I still like the looks, feel and performance. It's a keeper.

Price Payed: $435.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: light weight, magnum power, excellent grips
Cons: fixed sights are way off. screws come loose.
August 25, 2010  •  12:08 AM
I cut back the hand grip some to give it a shorter and more rounded feel. It now fits my CCW holsters better and I found it did not reduce the grip enough to increase felt recoil. I carry this and two speedloaders while camping or just being in the woods and feel well protected from the remote chance of attack by four or two legged critters.

Price Payed: $435.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: Light, handy, ported to accept the full blown .357s.
Cons: The hand grip was a littly long for the size gun.