Surefire 621FGA Mossberg 500 forend

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The SureFire 621FGA replaces the original forend of your Mossberg 500 with a 14" barrel or a 6 3/4" forend tube. It features a 6-volt shock-isolated incandescent lamp and three separate switches integrated into the forend: a constant-on rocker switch (left side), a momentary-on pressure pad switch (right side), and a system-disable rocker switch (right side) that locks the light in the OFF position to prevent accidental activation during covert operations, transport, or storage. The standard P60 lamp assembly (included) produces 65 lumens of optimally focused light for one hour per set of batteries, while the P61 lamp assembly (optional) produces 120 lumens for 20 minutes. A molded-in polymer high-friction pad enhances grip in wet or cold conditions

Max output : 65 Lumens
Bezel diameter : 1.25"
Weight: 1.1 lbs.

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August 16, 2012  •  01:33 AM
I have had this ligh system on my 12ga shotgun for 3 years now and in that time I have put well over 10k shells through it, the surefire light has yet to even flicker from the recoil. There is a switch you can hit to have the light constantly on if you need it to be or you can use the pressure switch which is conveniently located right in the natural place for your hand to be when operating a pump shotgun. Having the ability to blind an intruder with 65 lumens of white light while still maintaining a bead on them with your shotgun is invaluable when seconds count, because now not only can the intruder not see you because he or she as had their night vision destroyed, but you can see them very well. When it comes down to home defense there is one thing that I think makes a bigger difference than being armed and that's getting the jump on your intruder, which is exactly what you will do when you squeeze that pressure switch and blast a beam of light from the muzzle end of your shotgun in their face.
Not to mention surefires famous lifetime hassle free warranty on all of their illumination products, if it breaks and not because you did something dumb, they replace it.

Price Payed: $360.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: Durable, bright, easy to control, ergonomic
Cons: None
Synopsis: Highly recommended for home security or just in case