Steel Cased Ammo Myths

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Steel Cased Ammo Myths

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There is much controversy regarding the use of steel cased ammunition and whether or not it's safe to use. I have written this article to help clear the myths about this inexpensive ammunition:

Myth 1

The lacquer or polymer coating will melt and gum up the inside of the chamber and consequently the casing will become stuck.

False. Steel cased ammo can become stuck in the chamber but it is not at all due to the polymer or lacquer coating. When a brass round is fired, the brass casing expands and seals the chamber. Once the round has been fired the case cools down and shrinks allowing for easy extraction. Steel does not expand and seal the chamber as well as brass does and therefore it lets powder residue into the chamber causing the stuck case. To solve this problem clean Your firearms often and run a patch down the chamber if the cases start getting stuck.

Myth 2

Steel cased ammo is bad for my extractor. The answer is yes and no. The extractor may wear if the steel case is getting stuck in the chamber, but if you keep your firearms clean, the steel cases will not get stuck and the extractor will work just fine.

Myth 3

It will cause excessive wear in my firearm. This depends on the steel your gun is made of and the steel the case is made of. The steel case is usually softer then the steel the firearm is made of and usually does not cause excessive wear. But, remember all ammunition will cause minor wear on a firearm.

Myth 4

It is steel core armor piercing ammo. Most of the time this is not true. Almost all modern production steel cased ammo is made of a lead core with a bimetal jacket. The steel in the jacket is very soft and therefore the bullet is not armor piercing.

Myth 5

It is corrosive. Yes and no. Almost all surplus ammunition is corrosive due to the primers used. Modern steel cased ammunition is usually not corrosive but it' is not a bad idea to clean your guns after you have been out shooting.

Steel cased ammunition is very popular because it is an inexpensive alternative to brass cased ammunition and consequently it gives the shooter an opportunity to practice more without having to spend a lot of money.

Keep in mind that not all firearms will reliably shoot steel cased ammunition and some manufacturers will actually void your firearms warranty if you shoot steel cased ammunition. It is always best even with brass cased ammo to buy a small box and test it to see if it cycles smoothly and reliably. In conclusion, steel cased ammunition is not what it is thought to be and can be a very economical way to spend a day at the range. ~JayCody

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November 25, 2013  •  05:28 PM
Hope you guys learn something from this article
December 7, 2013  •  08:54 PM
You contradicted yourself on the first myth, Then went on to give good reasons why one shouldn't use steel.. I will stick with brass on all my guns.
December 10, 2013  •  02:15 PM

No he didn't...He didn't say the ammo wouldn't cause a jam PERIOD, he said it can, but it wouldn't be caused by the lacquer coating.
December 10, 2013  •  10:10 PM
Good write-up.

While I prefer brass, and hey who doesn't, I practice with steel almost exclusively. The only rifle I won't shoot steel out of is my Remington 700 which doesn't group well at all with it.

Some people are going to hate on steel cased ammo regardless of facts.