Steel for the Book Worm

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Keeping a gun on the shelf may be a good idea, if done right.

Why a book gun

For centuries, people have hidden firearms inside hollowed out or even faux books. It keeps a firearm out of plain sight but retrievable in a few seconds if needed. It's historically a good way to protect the firearm from burglary. It can also conceal a firearm when traveling or to pass one from one person to another discreetly in public. In addition, it just has a certain type of swagger to it.

Buy one

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When you look around, a faux book turned into a hiding place isn't exactly rare. A quick search on eBay turns up 3500 of them. A Google search turns up even more. While some are obvious fakes and would stand out like a sore thumb on a bookcase, others are very realistic. Prices range from $2-$200 so shop around.

Make your own

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Turning a real book into a hide-away is preferable to buying a faux book as it blends in more. It's a project that is easily accomplished in an afternoon or weekend with a very low cash outlay (under $10). Try not to use a well-known or classic book as this both destroys a piece of literature and makes it something that someone else wouldn't reach for when browsing your library. Old ratty textbooks, dictionaries, and obscure technical books are the best. Think, "boring." Boring is good.

The Book that is a gun

There are a couple of guns themselves, such as the UC-9 submachine gun and Magpul FMG9 pistol that can fold up into a book like shape to which a faux book spine can be attached. These neat little items are hard to find, as only 76 of the first one and 1 of the second currently exist, so good luck if you go with this option.

Don't let it be a total secret

Every year or so a news story pops up in the media where some small town library gets donated a book that holds a gun inside. Just last month the Porter County Public Library in Valparaiso Indiana had a collection of books dropped off, and one of them, sure enough, was packing heat. In a hollowed out book entitled the title "Outerbridge Reach," librarians stumbled across a .31 caliber black powder derringer. The thing is, it's not the first time that particular library had this happen. Moreover, it probably won't be the last.

This kind of thing occurs when people die and their friends, family, or sometimes just their property owner has to clean out the physical belongings left behind. If you have a bookcase or seven chuck full of books and your people have to move them to a new location, the fact that one of these is not as if the other may get easily missed.

So with that in mind, let someone know about your habit of hiding a Roscoe in your reading material, before a librarian gets a shock one morning.

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November 9, 2012  •  12:47 PM
My main concern about hiding a gun in my home is the possibility of my grandkids finding it. The weapons I keep under lock and key, I know are secure from them as I have complete control over them. The other guns that I keep at the ready are more accessible, as they must be to really be considered "at the ready". Normally I keep one on my person or directly under my control. Any other guns that I may have located in a ready state, I will go secure when the kids arrive in order to enjoy their visit. The book idea, as well as other hiding spots such as clocks, etc. has crossed my mind but I would still feel compelled to secure a hidden gun if I were not in direct control of that hiding place. Kids can be quick and unpredictable when it comes to finding things you don't want them to find when you step out of the room, like to use the restroom. I could never live with myself if such an accident were to occur due to my negligence. I like the idea in your article about keeping guns out of sight using such methods and appreciate the information you provide on the topic. Everybody has their own situation and has to make choices based on that but I just had to point out my on thoughts for the safety factor of others.
December 12, 2012  •  01:43 PM
I had seen many of this type of hiding spots for a defensive...gun at the -ready.....Where are they now ? locally in Pittsburgh