Starbucks Says Hold the Glock

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The widespread and popular coffee joint whose green mermaid has been a beacon to Second Amendment activists from Seattle to South Florida has changed its official policy on guns. Let's face it, we kinda saw this coming.

Starbucks's long stand on 2A

For years, Starbucks has for years sat just to the right hand side of the pro-gun line. While not coming right out and doing a round up on thier register prices to support the NRA, or giving away a box of .22 with each venti latte, they often offered default support to local activists by allowing meetings in their neighborhood cafes. These included Open Carry groups who would often assemble at thier hometown 'Bucks to engage in thier practice of exercising thier Constitutional Rights. This gave some groups heartburn.

Pressure from the left

Seeing pictures of calm, collected and armed constitutional activists milling around something as normal and everyday as a Starbucks, left wing anti-gunners choked on thier chai tea. After all, if it could happen in any cafe anywhere, it could happen in *theirs*! This led to counter protests that included boycotts to hit Starbucks in the bottom line if they allowed this travesty to continue. Think of the children!

The 'New Normal' for Bucks

In a memo distributed to its stores including all chains and outlets, Starbucks senior management has clarified its policy on guns in its cafe's. This new policy can be summed up as: politely, No.

Excerpted from the official policy, leaked online:

"What do I say if a customer asks about our request?"
We are respectfully requesting customers not to bring weapons into our stores.

"What should I do if a customer openly carries a weapon into my store?"
Welcome all customers as usual. Partners are not to confront a customer or ask them to leave because they are carrying a weapon into our stores.

"What if a customer aks, "Am I no longer welcome in your store?"
Everyone is welcome in our stores but guns are not.

Other points explain that this pertains to outside areas as well as in and refers to Safety and Security manuals for disruptive customers.

In short, they are communicating their preference for 'no guns allowed' while not enforcing it.
They directly explain this as "We do not want partners in the difficult position of enforcing an outright ban but we do want to make it clear that weapons are not welcome in our stores."

So there you have it. A marginal win for the anti-gunners, a marginal win for Bucks in appearing to sate the anti-gunner who sought boycotts over thier old policy, and a marginal loss for the Second Amendment.

That's some bitter coffee.

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