Stabbing Sprees Show Helplessness of Citizens in Gun Control Counties

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A favorite folly of gun control advocates is that the 'scourge' of 'gun violence' can be done away with overnight if they just ban all the guns and hold a big bonfire to get rid of the mechanisms. Because if we don't have guns, if they are all illegal and no longer around, then there won't be such a thing as a mass killing anymore right?

Just ask China, where strict gun control has been the law of the land for generations.


On March 2, a group of eight terrorists attacked a packed railway station in the South West China city of Kunming. The spree, perpetrated by suspected militants from a far western region of the country that are attempting to leave the Worker's paradise, killed 29 and injured no less than 143.

Stabbing Sprees Show Helplessness of Citizens in Gun Control Counties - Editor - knife-2094.jpg
Police stand near luggage left at the ticket office after a group of armed men attacked people at Kunming railway station, Yunnan province, March 2, 2014. (Credit: Reuters)

The weapon of choice for these terrorists: simple kitchen knives. Eight men with will and a few blades hidden in their pockets until the right time inflicted mass casualties in minutes. Those to slow too flee were cut. Police were finally able to shoot down four of the blade-wielding terrorists, while the others escaped in the pandemonium.


On March 14, not even two weeks after the massacre at Kunming, a dispute between two vendors at the Changsha market in Hunan province left six dead. The first five fell to the attacker's knife, while police shot the assailant, making him the sixth death.

These sort of attacks are not uncommon in China. In 2010 a half dozen separate attacks by despondent knife-armed killers on schools injured or killed more than fifty students

In China, students often train to help keep knife-wielding attackers at bay (Photo credit AFP)

Gun control works, right?

Since its inception in 1949, the People's Republic of China has always regulated the ownership of firearms. Generally, civilians are not allowed to own guns of any sort. A few minor exceptions are made for hunting reservations and shooting clubs, who have a total of 680,000 guns under strict control by government approved members. For a population of 1.351 billion, this is one legal gun in civilian hands for every 2000 people. In the US, the ratio is closer to 1:1.

The prospect of a knife attacker being stopped by a concealed carry holder or armed security guard in China is non-existent.

Of course, criminals can still access firearms in China as witnessed by the fact that Chinese police have confiscated nearly 178,000 illegal guns, primarily from criminal gangs, in just four months of 2007. A further study estimates that the country has some 40-million illegally owned guns.

And a few knives.

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March 20, 2014  •  08:30 AM
The really worrisome concept is that the gun control crowd seem to be winning the word war. So many people agree with the idea that no guns means no crime! The media is in the hands of the gun grabbers, and keeps churning out lies and obfuscation. Somehow we have to tell the whole country the truth. Any media people reading this who are gun owners? If so, tell us how to get the word out to everyone in the country.
March 24, 2014  •  06:15 PM
For years I have been using the knife sprees in China as a staple in my argument for gun rights. I'm glad I wasn't the only one paying attention.