Spike's Battle Trigger

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Company Website - http://www.spikestactical.com/new/z/lower-parts-spikes-battle-trigger-p-425.html
Manufacturer - Spikes Tactical

The Spikes Tactical Battle Trigger is a single stage Mil-Spec trigger, rounded hammer to work with all calibers, and disconnector thats plated with Nickel Boron. This plating gives you an extremely reliable single stage trigger and its also one of the most grit-free trigger pulls that youll find on the market that breaks between 5-9lbs (depending on individual spring variance) and gets even smoother the more you shoot it.

This kit comes with everything you need to replace your old trigger set. Inside, youll find the Nickel Boron plated trigger, rounded hammer, and disconnector; as well as brand new Mil-Spec trigger, hammer, and disconnector springs. Weve also included stainless steel hammer and trigger pins that both feature a Black Oxide finish for durability just in case the ones you have are a little worn or if youre installing it in a new lower!

Grab one today and drop one in your lower to finally get rid of that gritty feeling standard trigger!

    Nickel Boron finish for a smoother trigger pull and enhanced reliabilityBreaks at about 5-6lbs in most applicationsWorks with all calibers
    Nickel Boron plated trigger, rounded hammer, and disconnectorMil-Spec trigger, hammer, and disconnector springsStainless steel trigger and hammer pins with a Black Oxide finishSpike's Tactical Lifetime Warranty

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March 24, 2012  •  06:31 PM

I shoot against guys using Geissele (3.5lb) triggers all the time in 3Gun and have installed a few for customers, but for my carbines this trigger from Spikes is what I use. It cleans up the MILSPEC and provides a smoother, lighter and consistent pull without having to do any finish work on the installers end.

The case hardening (Boron) ensures it will last and provides a slick interface.

If you are using a 5.56 past 300 yards on a regular basis (shouldn't you be shooting .308?) ten I can see paying 4X the amount for a trigger, but for a carbine this is more than enough.

Price Payed: $50.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: Consistant 5.5lb trigger pull (sample of 2); Fairly clean creep; No worries about doubles or drop fires, has lots of safety catch engagement
Cons: Not a $200.00 Geissele; Requires good shooter follow through for > 300 yard shots
Synopsis: These are standard MILSPEC single stage triggers that use full power springs. They are the best upgrade for the money on a carbine you can get IMO.