So many guns and knives; so little time

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Plenty of folks are passionate about gun and knives - so passionate both have an array of subcategories and specialties.

While some are interested in the newest knives and guns, others prefer vintage models. Some people like them handmade, others like them straight from the factory.

The collectability of guns and knives also is a big reason for their devoted followers. They collect custom ones, military gun and knives, tactical weapons and special issue, or commemorative guns and knives. Furthermore, enthusiasts follow knife- and gun-related legislative updates, read about new products released and attend gun and knife shows, and various other related events.

Various organizations and associations represent gun and knife owners. Many are familiar with the NRA, but what about the National Knife Collectors Association? Some experienced knife makers are members of the Knifemakers Guild and the American Bladesmith Society. Both gun and knife enthusiasts have halls of fame such the Cutlery Hall of Fame.

Some consider various firearms and knives works of art.

Indeed, they are fully functional, but not intended for use. Instead, they are appreciated for their beauty.

They become topics of conversation and items owned by one person are admired by others.

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