Recover CC3 Grip & Rail System for 1911's

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Recommended? - yes
Company Website -
Manufacturer - Recover Tactical

Weight - 80 grams
Rail Length - 45 mm
Available Colors - Black, Olive Drab & Desert Sand
Designed and Manufactured in Israel

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January 29, 2014  •  12:34 PM
When I decided to replace a Glock G22C with a Rock Island 1911 as my nightstand gun (fumbling half-asleep fingers plus passive "safety" system equals high probability of unintended discharge); the most irritating problem was the lack of a place to hang a light on the Slabsides. I have some mobility issues so I need one hand free to walk steadily and that doesn't work if that hand is full of flashlight. I looked at the available rail adapters for 1911's and found them either secure and very expensive or less pricey but too easily loosened to be considered secure. Of course, a rail could be screwed and/or welded to the dustcover of the frame but that means permanently altering my gun as well as trying to find a gunsmith in my area to do the job properly for a reasonable price. Then I saw a mention of the Recover CC3 Grip & Rail Systemon and decided to check it out. The price was right and it seemed like a good idea to me (something I wish I'd thought of first!)
I received one of the first units in the country (they are made in Israel) and promptly (and reluctantly) took the custom spalted-maple grips off my Rock Island Armory Full-Sized Tactical Series .45 ACP pistol and set about installing the olive-drab Recover system. To be honest, I expected more fitment problems than I had; one grip-screw hole was slightly off-centered, the long ambi-safety sear pin needed relief and the top of the left-hand grip area interfered with the plunger tube, all quickly remedied with an X-Acto knife and a file (old model-building skills re-emerge). Those skills also caused me to go over all the edges of the molding with emery paper to "break" the edge for a smoother fit. Other than that the Recover fit my 1911 like a glove. I really appreciated that there are molded-in, fitted sockets for the little nuts that secure the unit under the rail and at the triggerguard; no trying to find a way to hold it while screwing in the bolt (Allen-headed by the way). A class design in my opinion but since it was penned by the same fellow who designed the Tavor rifle for the Israeli Army I guess it figures.
At the range I ran two boxes of FMJ with the light hung on the rail and nothing came loose or wavered. The grip feels sort of "Glock-y" in the hand but I didn't encounter any slippage and had no trouble engaging all the controls. If a shooter likes a lot of traction some stippling or skater's tape could easily be added.
Younger shooters (like my grandkids) thought the Recover made my 1911 look very cool and modern. Though traditionalists sniffed unappreciatively at it's looks, they couldn't deny the practicality of the system.
I'm very happy with the Recover system; it has solved my home-defense problem at low cost and with excellent quality. It has surpassed my expectations and I can recommend it to anyone who wants/needs a rail on their 1911. Now if they would just make one to fit an officers-sized model I would be doubly happy!

Price Payed: $50.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: Easy installation, very secure attachment, solves the problem of rail lack on 1911's without altering the gun. Very well made.
Cons: Aesthetically disturbing to some. May make the hold too large for some hands. Only fits full-sized 1911's.
Synopsis: Gets a light/laser securely on a 1911 at low cost without altering the gun.