Put a Saiga Mag on Your 870 or Moss 500

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Black Aces Tactical has done it again by listening to the marketplace and giving the shotgunners what they want-- a retrofit kit that will enable your humble Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 to accept detachable box magazines. Not only is this not just a theory, it's a reality and they are selling them now.

Why a box fed shotgun

Shotguns are not new. They have been around for hundreds of years, it's just that in the past century, or so we have decided to increase their magazine capacity. Early shotguns were single shots, with the double barrel being brought on the scene to increase magazine capacity by 100%. In the late 19th century, the first tubular magazine shotguns came out. They allowed faster follow-up shots as well as being more tactically sound in a combat situation. Today almost every serious rifle in the world uses detachable box magazines-- so isn't it time that the shotgun caught up with the times? Black Aces thinks so.

Design of the Black Aces Pro Series Kits

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Taking your existing shotgun, Black Aces Pro Series Kits retrofit your current burner to accept commercial off-the-shelf Saiga 12 magazines. Simply take the kit and swap out part for part. The kits include a new-machined receiver that accepts Saiga mags, a new bolt carrier, firing pin, action slide, latch with bridge, springs, and pins, and new feed ramp.

Put a Saiga Mag on Your 870 or Moss 500 - christophereger - 2743431-zpscd04ff8f-1169.gif

You take these new parts and use your original barrel, action slide, forend, magazine tube, trigger assembly, safety assembly, and stock to produce a shotgun with a quick detachable box magazine. Seeing as S12's come in 5, 8, 10, and 12-round box mags as well as 12 and 20-round drums, that's a lot of extra firepower

(The Black Aces Tactical Pro Series shotgun running rounds. It looks like a bad choice for those who would shoot prone with a shotgun, but other than that, where do we get one!)

When will it be available?

Black Aces Tac has been in the scattergun game for years now and is best known for their receiver rail systems. These rail systems allow almost any combination of tactical accessory to be fitted on combat shotguns, and are very popular. The company knows and loves shotguns and these new receiver kits are a game changer for the market.

The good news is that these kits are currently available. Currently they offer the Series 5 kit for Mossberg 500/590s and the Series 87 for Remington 870s, but other kits are in the development stages. They sell for $499, which is kinda high considering that most of these shotguns only cost $200-$300 new, but when you consider that you are rebuilding the gun from the ground up and can always choose an old beat up used gun for this conversion, it may be worth it to you.

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May 23, 2013  •  05:26 PM
anyone know if you can use this with the maverick 88?
June 20, 2013  •  01:37 PM
Looks like quality work ......
But like many manufacturers eveything is.... "OUT OF STOCK"
January 29, 2014  •  01:28 PM
i believe you can use it with the maverick 88. i just put one together with my mossberg 500. they do have a kit for the 88 and im pretty sure its identical to the 500 kit. If you get one i would love to discuss here. Also i had a few hiccups in the beginning and within 10 minutes, no lie, of my email i received a call. Never seen customer service like this company, ever! walked me through the issues in 5 minutes.