Probation Officer Shoots Tiny Dog in Self Defense

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In Georgia recently a law enforcement officer, performing a routine check, got into a life or death struggle. His assailant? A 12-pound Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix named Patches. After the smoke cleared, one lay mortally injured and the other is now under investigation.

The Day the lights went out in Georgia

Rolling into the Loblolly Estates Mobile Home Park, just off Mobile Avenue in Albany, GA on the morning of October 7, two Probation officers, Ronnie Simmons and Antoine Jones, came to do a field inspection. The subject of their inspection was the son of one Sherry Shelton, a resident of the manufactured home park.

When Shelton came to the door, so did her black and white mixed breed terrier. Answering to the name of Patches (due to her markings,) the small dog looked not unlike the beloved Parson Jack Russells seen in such heartwarming films as My Dog Skip and Mask. However, according to Officer Jones, Patches was not heartwarming at all. In fact, Patches was so aggressive and threatened the 6-foot, 300-pound officer so bad that, having no other option, he drew his service weapon and fired at the dog. Stricken, Patches crawled away and expired before she could be given veterinary care.

The Outcome

In an official statement from Georgia Department of Corrections, his department justifies Jones' act:

"On Oct. 7th, two Albany Probation Officers were conducting a field visit. During this time, an Albany Probation Officer was involved in an incident that required him to use of force against an aggressive canine during a field visit. An incident report was filed and it was determined that the Probation Officer responded appropriately."

Even so, the incident is being more closely examined by the GDC's Internal Affairs section.

Sadly, these things happen

In the interest of disclosure, I once had to put down an animal in my course of duty as a law enforcement officer. I had been called to the scene of an attack in which two extremely large (100+ pound) Rottweiler's had chased a meter reader down the street and proceeded to bite the tires of his truck. The dogs were uncontained, had no collars, no tags, and were roaming the streets in a residential area. Local residents did not have information as to who owned the dogs. Animal control was unable to capture the animals. A school bus full of elementary age kids was due in the area any minute.

After clearance from the shift sergeant to engage, I fired at the most aggressive of the rotts with my duty shotgun as it was chasing an animal control officer, putting the animal down with a load of 000 reduced recoil Remington at about twenty feet. It was adjudicated a proper use of force.

So yes, I understand what it means to have an out of control and potentially dangerous canine in the area and have to use lethal force.

Still, I am glad a Chihuahua-jack Russell mix didn't chase me.

I may not be here today.

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December 3, 2013  •  02:14 PM
That officer needs a desk job. He will face far greater threats than barky 12 pound pooch and obviously is not equipped to handle them.
December 10, 2013  •  09:42 AM
He should be fired!
December 10, 2013  •  09:45 AM
6' 300 lb. pussy! Shooting a 12 lb. jack? What is gonna happen when he runs into a 300 lb. jacked ex con? Let him go collect unemployment!
December 13, 2013  •  09:14 AM
He's a coward. He should be buried alive while his family watches!
December 15, 2013  •  01:46 AM
I don't know the above story, or what the outcome of his investigation will be. But here is my similar experience.

While on the job, I was dispatched to back up a probation officer. "a resisting probationary arrest." I was bitten on my left index finger by a similar size Chihuahua as I was reaching for my restraints. One little puncture wound through and through at the nail bed..

Within 8 hours of being bitten I was admitted into intensive care through the emergency room. My fingers,hand and forearm had swollen to the size of my calf muscle 6 days later I was finally released from the hospital.

That little dogs mouth introduced into my system some kind of super infection that required surgery, and intravenous antibiotics to relieve the swelling and battle the attack on my lymph system to save my hand,fingers and my life. And months of physical therapy followed to recover regular movement and fine motor skills.

I have no problems in preventing any sized "attacking" dog. If I hadn't been engaged in a use of force, and little Juanito would of come at me, in the least I'd dropped kicked his short legged butt into the next zip code.