Other Uses for Mosin Nagants

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The humble bolt-action rifle known across the planet as the Mosin-Nagant, lovingly called 'nuggets' by collectors, is possibly the most common rifle on the planet. Produced in figures of no less than 48 million by at least a dozen countries from 1891 through 1973 the Mosin-Nagant rifle was robust, accurate, and reliable. Besides, of course, being an affordable piece of history, it also has several bonus features and uses for which you may not be familiar with.

(Disclaimer: Firearms Talk.com does not necessarily endorse any of the below. Always remember basic firearms safety. Dont try this at home)

Track and Field Events

The Mosin, with its 30-inch barrel and huge spike bayonet stands taller than most jockeys at the Kentucky Derby do. With this bulk to it, coupled with its rugged good looks, it makes the perfect field-expedient implement for practicing Olympic field events in the safety of your own back yard. Just be sure to check your barrel alignment afterward.

For instance:

There is the Javelin (though if you can throw a 10-pound Model 91/30 with its attached bayonet very far, you have our immediate respect.

And the Nugget Pole Vault for those quick getaway.

Actual Russian Bonus Mosin tasking

The Russians themselves, never known to let a good thing go to waste, also had a bunch of sidelines for the Nugget. These included using the Mosin as a mine detector. No we do not mean by simply poking the bayonet into the ground to probe for underground explosives, we mean an *actual* mine detector.

You see, the Soviet Army issued the Model VIM 210 magnetic mine detector with a 3-section aluminum pole (or) an attachment that fit to the standard Mosin Nagant rifle. This proved more popular with the average Frontovik soldier as it gave him less weight to carry. But on the flipside, he still had to look for mines. As they say, anyone can be a minesweeper-- once.

Besides mine detection, the Russians also have a love affair with chopping the Mosin down. Like way down. You see, there were millions of these rifles floating around the country, but few reliable pistols (you think Feinstein was pro-gun control, you should have talked to Stalin!). Therefore, the industrious Ivans sliced and diced the nugget into a mini-nugget.

Called the Obrez, they have been popular with bandits East of Warsaw since oh, about 1891...

The Mosin-Nagant also makes a great:

Clothes Rod

Fireball spitter

Motorcycling companion

Deer Gun

Bringing friends together

And as an Open Carry Activist backpack

This video from Demolition Ranch shows perhaps one of the coolest uses for the Mosin Nagant rifle. Bonus!

Our favorite:

In addition to all of the above, we like to just kinda keep ours around to just as Colonel Sergei Mosin intended. But that's just us

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November 23, 2013  •  08:35 PM
Got mine for $49.95, early 90's. With 200 rounds, it's my third, no, FOURTH backup piece for the Zombies. Or the first one I give my gunless neighbor.